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Hamilton, the secrecy of his talk with Wolff and the "rescue"

The Mercedes driver arrived at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix with the hope of recovering lost ground with respect to Ferrari and Red Bull, but it seems that the German team will have to work harder if they want, at least, to challenge the two teams that dominate the World Cup of the 2022 season.

Lewis Hamilton had quite a difficult day from the start, as the porpoising problem still persists in the W13 . The pair of silver arrows was weighed down by not being able to fully apply the accelerator on the main straight, since if they continued to push, the rebound effect increased and they could not find the braking reference.

After crashing out in Q2, the seven-time world champion shared his thoughts on qualifying, in which he was unable to go further than 13th : “It wasn’t a great session, so naturally it’s disappointing. Coming in with optimism, knowing that everyone is working very hard in the factory and things are not going well, is disappointing.”

“I think today we underperformed as a team, there are things we should have done that we didn’t,” said Hamilton after getting out of the car at Imola. “Anyway, we will work as hard as we can to move forward in the sprint race.”

“It’s going to be a difficult one, but we hope that tomorrow the weather will improve and who knows, maybe we can go forward,” acknowledged the Briton, who hopes to repeat the feat of the last sprint race in Brazil, where he started last and He was able to recover many positions.

However, Hamilton was enigmatic when asked about the conversation he had with his team boss, Toto Wolff : “It’s internal stuff, so I’d rather not share it, but yes, we’ll keep working, it is what it is.”

The seven-time world champion preferred to remain silent on this issue, but it is clear when he has to go out and defend his team, since so many titles in such a short time are not easily achieved.

The Briton insisted that they will return to battle after continuing to improve in every area despite being in the middle zone and far from Ferrari and Red Bull : “We will continue to work hard, every weekend is a rescue.”

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