NewsHarry and Meghan: Queen organizes "legal defense"

Harry and Meghan: Queen organizes "legal defense"

The British royals continue to make headlines: Now the Queen is apparently bursting the collar.

London – The British palace has been rumbling for months. The royals have already been in the spotlight due to numerous internal disputes. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey in particular, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan expressed criticism of the royal family.

Then Harry went up again: In a podcast he reported on a spiral of “genetic pain and suffering”, which he had to escape for the benefit of his family, especially his children. He was probably referring to the family’s move to the USA *.

Meghan and Harry: Queen has “hurtful attacks” checked

Now the Queen has commented on the allegations and left her mediating position within the Royals. According to a media report, Queen Elizabeth II is currently having legal experts at Buckingham Palace examine how she should deal with “hurtful attacks” by Meghan and Harry in the future. This is reported by the British tabloid The Sun.

Meghan und Harry


Meghan (l.) And Harry (r.) In 2019. (archive photo)

It speaks of “legal resistance” on the part of the Queen. A source told The Sun about the palace’s behavior: “They are getting legal counsel. Harry and Meghan are informed and know that repeated attacks will not be tolerated. ”Regarding Queen’s assessment, it continues:“ The impression that is conveyed from above is: enough is enough . ”(Tu / dpa) * fr. de is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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