LivingHigh heels can cause osteoarthritis

High heels can cause osteoarthritis

tacon-alto Research conducted at the University of Iowa, in the United States, reveals that wearing high-heeled shoes can cause osteoarthritis and other joint damage . The results will be presented at the next meeting of the American Biomechanical Society.

For the study, shoes of three different heights were selected – flat, 5 cm and 8 cm – with which a total of 15 women had to walk. Using sensors, accelerometers and measurement cameras, the experts were able to analyze the forces acting on the knee joint and the forces involved when walking.

In this way they observed that the heel determined some characteristics of their gait, slower and with shorter strides as the height increased. Greater knee compression was also recorded when wearing the higher heels . "This means that prolonged use and walking in heels could, over time, contribute to joint deterioration and lead to knee osteoarthritis," explained Danielle Barkema. In addition, these shoes can also create strains in the lower back.

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