SportMotoGPHonda awaits Marc Márquez at the Misano test

Honda awaits Marc Márquez at the Misano test

Marc Márquez will undergo a crucial medical check-up on August 25 or 26, this week, in which a CT scan will be performed to confirm that the bone operated on in June, for the fourth time, has been consolidated.

If the result is positive, Alberto Puig , HRC team manager, hopes that the driver can be present at the test that will take place on the Tuesday and Wednesday after the Misano Grand Prix , in two weeks.

Honda hopes that Marc can be in those tests even knowing that, if everything goes well, the rider will not be at 5% physically, but the team hopes that he can set the course for the development of the 2023 bike.

“It would be a problem,” said Alberto Puig on DAZN when asked what would happen if Marc is not in the test.

“They have been following the steps (that the doctors marked after the operation), this week they will do a CAT scan, and the doctors told us that ‘if the bone is fine, wake up’. Let’s see how the bone is,” said the former pilot.

“Personally I think that for the race (in Misano) he will not be there, but he can be there for the test, and even if it is not to do 100 laps a day, that he can do four starts, to say yes or no, it would be very important. ”, he stressed.

For Honda it is vital that the rider can set the tone on which to work with next year’s bike.

“If he is not in the test, it will be more of the same, it will be a long time without having Marc in the tests and it will be complicated,” he warned.


For Honda, waiting for Marc at the end of the season or for the Valencia test in November is being late.

“Normally the Misano test is very important to prepare a prototype for the Valencia test, if Marc is not in Misano we will go blind as we have been up to now”.

“We have always had a rider who has set the course, the one who knows this bike the most is Marc, because of the time he has been riding and the quality of the races he has done. He knows the bike very well, it’s not that the others don’t understand it, but the one who knows it best is the one who has won the most. If he is not there, it makes our work very difficult, ”Puig settled.

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