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Horner explains why Red Bull and Porsche have broken up for F1

Porsche had been in talks with the energy drink team seeking a partnership that would allow it to join the power unit project currently being developed by Red Bull Powertrains at the Milton Keynes facility by 2026.

The German brand also wanted the deal to involve a stake in Red Bull and a 50/50 share in the decision-making process.

However, chances of reaching a deal have faded in recent weeks, with Porsche formally announcing on Friday that talks with Red Bull had ended.

Ultimately, Red Bull rejected the deal, mainly because the team feared that its ability to react instantly to the daily demands of Formula 1 would be compromised by the German manufacturer’s more corporate approach.

Horner also insisted that the Red Bull Powertrains power unit project was never contingent on receiving support from Porsche or any other outside partner.

“Obviously, as Red Bull becomes an engine manufacturer in 2026, it was normal to have discussions with potential partners,” Horner told

“Those discussions are now over, and the consensus has been that it was not the right decision for Red Bull in F1.

“We committed a year and a half ago, or more, to being a manufacturer of power units. We have invested a lot in facilities and personnel. In addition, the first Red Bull own engine was already commissioned about a month ago.” .

“So it’s a very exciting new chapter for Red Bull, and it has never depended on a third party being involved. That was not a requirement at all.”

Asked if a financial contribution from Porsche would have been a big help, Horner said: “Only if it fits with our DNA and our long-term strategy.”

“There was never a financial discussion. Porsche is a great brand. But its DNA is very different. During the negotiation process it became clear that there was a lack of strategic alignment.”

“Red Bull has already shown what it is capable of in F1. And obviously as an independent team and now an engine manufacturer, we look forward to competing against everyone at the highest level,” he added.

Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing RB18

Horner admitted that Red Bull remains open to talks with other potential partners who might be interested in joining his power unit project from 2026.

However, it is clear that the company would only consider a deal if they retain a greater degree of autonomy than they would have with Porsche.

“We are totally focused on our power unit. And if there was a partner that could bring something to the project, of course we would consider it. But it is not a requirement, I repeat.”

“We will be the only team, together with Ferrari, that will have the engine and the chassis in the same place.”

“We think for the long-term competitiveness of the team, it’s the right thing to do. And of course with that will come a lot of other exciting opportunities as well.”

“For the RB17, for example, we could even have produced our own power unit for that project, so strategically for us to have everything under one roof makes a lot of sense.”

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