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How Aston Martin has gotten into the midfield of F1 2022

The Silverstone team modified the layout of its beam wing at the Japanese Grand Prix, with the aim of adapting its AMR22 to the demands of the Suzuka track.

It may well seem to be a subtle change, especially when you consider the magnitude of the update that led to Singapore, it is considered essential.

Sebastian Vettel, with the help of the new parts, was able to reach Q3 in Japan for the first time since the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, while his strong performance in the race saw him finish ahead of Fernando Alonso’s Alpine by crossing the flag at paintings.

Aston Martin has designed its rear wing in such a way that its different specifications are not tied to one specific design. Mechanics can disassemble the lower section and separate it from the upper section.

This method does have some downsides, in terms of design and wing weight, but it means changes can be made without having to bring entirely new wings to every grand prix, making it a more versatile and cost-effective option.

Aston Martin AMR22 floor comparison

The floor that debuted in Singapore was also used at the Japanese GP and marks a change in the team’s approach to floor edge design.

It is evident that the design has been modified significantly, as indicated by the red arrows in the image above, which represent where the most important changes have occurred.

The use of a Gurney winglet on the forward section of the ground edge kicks things off, and the section that sticks out from there has undergone a significant change. As the ground tapers towards the rear tires, a cutout and floating spoiler have been introduced.

It’s a solution we’ve already seen on the Ferrari F1-75 and Red Bull RB18, with the wing connected directly to an “ice skate” edge wing.

The use of this spoiler, in conjunction with a raised section of ground just after the cutout mentioned above, helps develop flow structures to combat tire rotation and distortion which, if left unchecked, can detract from diffuser performance. .

Alfa Romeo C42 front wing detail

Aston Martin’s closest rival right now, Alfa Romeo, occupies sixth position in the constructors’ standings. However, a run of good results for those at Silverstone and a bad run for the Swiss have put that position in check.

To counteract that, Alfa Romeo introduced a new front wing design in Japan, featuring the two upper flaps, which have been swapped out for ones that offer greater adjustability.

While the team is obviously interested in helping to balance the car front to rear, based on performance found in other parts of the car, they also took the opportunity to work on flow management by adjusting the way the flaps connect to the lower endplate, with the elements shorter, slightly further apart and more twisted.

That creates a small gap between them and the trailing edge of the endplate, which has allowed designers some leeway to alter their shape. As a result, the airflow generated by the front wing will certainly be different from the old spec.

Alfa Romeo C42 front wing comparison

Also note the changes to the inner end of the wing, which will alter its range of settings, aiding the previously discussed goal of balancing the car front to rear.

As seen in the green parts (photo above), the two upper flaps have been narrowed before reaching the regulator to allow a redistribution of the moving section, which should also offer a different flow regimen around the entire nose of the car. .

Alpha Tauri AT03 rear wing comparison (Japan-France)

AlphaTauri modified the nose and front wing at the Singapore Grand Prix, as well as having a new rear wing layout in Japan.

The Faenza team increased the span of its rear wing to increase downforce, while also taking steps to minimize drag.

The designers have created a tighter transition between the main plane of the rear wing and the endplate (red arrow in the photos above, Japan on the left and France on the right), as well as modified the static section of the upper flap (lines green).

To mitigate losses that could be associated with these changes, they have also increased the size of the cutout found in the top corner of the endplate (blue arrow).

AlphaTauri AT03 front wing comparison
AlphaTauri AT03 nose detail

AlphaTauri continued to use the new Japan spec nose, which, as we can see from the illustration above comparing the two solutions from the bottom, is quite a drastic change from what came before.

Ferrari F1-75 sidepods comparison

Ferrari introduced some changes to the floor for the Japanese Grand Prix, having tested the performance of the most up-to-date version introduced in France.

After obtaining positive results, its latest variant continues along the same path of development, with modifications made to the floor braces, the design of the underbody and also the flexibility of certain points due to the repositioning of the famous metal brace.

The changes will obviously impact the flow structures and minimize the ride height sensitivity issues that seem to have suffered since the Belgian GP. But more importantly, it changes the way airflow moves through the car.

That’s where we can’t show the changes, as they are below ground and out of sight. However, we have seen other teams introduce “ridges” into the subfloor, close to the skid, to further improve its aerodynamic capabilities and find additional performance from the tunnels and also the diffuser.

Ferrari F1-75 new floor, Japanese GP
Ferrari F1-75 old floor

After being extended to the outer section of the floor, the metal brace has been shortened and hooked to the ramp-shaped section of the floor, just inside the bottom.

This should provide more range to the section of ground ahead of the rear tire and allow the team to use that flexibility to increase aerodynamic performance.

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