FunHow do you erase a tattoo?

How do you erase a tattoo?

Dermatologists often use different types of lasers , such as the Q-swiched and the ruby . The light from the laser beam acts on the pigmented skin layer, without damaging the surrounding skin. The great advantage of the laser is that it heals while burning the tattooed area. However, bright shades, such as red and green, are sometimes resistant to this treatment. The final result, which is obtained after several sessions , will depend on the depth to which the pigment is implanted, the type, the color and, above all, the extension of the drawing. However, a more or less faint trace will always remain on the skin that it was once tattooed.

Other systems for removing tattoos include electrocoagulation , acid burn scarification, cryosurgery , dermabrasion, and surgical removal.

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