LivingHow long should a sexual relationship last?

How long should a sexual relationship last?

The pressure exerted on men to last longer in bed leads many of them to become obsessed and let women reach orgasm first for fear of falling short – in time – if they are themselves those who ejaculate first. But how many minutes would be enough and how many would be few to consider an adequate or satisfactory sexual relationship?

To answer this question, a 2017 study from the University of Queensland (Australia), led by psychologist Brendan Zietsch , examined 500 heterosexual couples from countries around the world to determine their duration during penetrative sex . The goal was to define something as complex as sex and focus on the moment of ejaculation.

The experts, in order to measure the beginning and the end of the sexual encounter, provided a timer to each of the couples so that they could measure the duration of the sexual act during a period of four weeks . Specifically, the process was delimited by having to press the word ‘Start’ at the time of penetration and ‘Stop’ when male ejaculation occurred.

Study conclusions

The results of the study pointed out that the average time of each couple varied from 33 seconds to 44 minutes (a difference of 80 times more), with the total average of the cases being 5.4 minutes for each sexual relationship. Despite the popular belief that they decrease or lose erections due to insensitivity and other factors, the use of condoms did not affect the duration of intercourse in the bedroom, nor did it affect whether the man was circumcised or not. Nor did the partner’s country of origin affect the duration of the sexual relationship; With the exception of Turkey , whose average was significantly lower than in other countries ( 3.7 minutes per intercourse ).

What seems to be an element that affects the duration of sex is age . The results pointed out that the oldest couples are the ones that presented the least time in their results . In practically all the cases in which they were compared, no matter what age we were talking about, the data from the younger couples indicated a longer duration in their sexual relations.

Brendan Zietsch himself, after concluding the study and taking into account the existing differentiation in the data obtained , declared that “it is evident that there is no standard or normal definition” for the question of how long sex should really last. Our own conclusion is that, in short, pleasure doesn’t understand numbers (but if you want them, here you have them).

The study, originally titled ‘ A multinational population survey of intravaginal ejaculation latency time ‘, was published in the journal of the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health .


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