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How to get from Barcelona to Morocco

Usually, people’s attention doesn’t escape when planning a trip to Spain that has Africa right on their doorstep. Morocco is only 20 miles from Spain… but it is much further from Barcelona than that. So what is the best way to get from Barcelona to Morocco?

The best way

Without a doubt, flying is the best, as it takes you directly to one of the main cities in Morocco, such as Marrakech. The direct ferry takes 24 hours, which is longer than taking the train to the south coast and then taking a ferry from there.

If you want to avoid both the flight and the day ferry, you will need to get to the south coast. The quickest way to do this is to take the AVE high-speed train from Barcelona to Malaga (the trip takes five and a half hours) and then take a bus from Malaga to Tarifa. Just a little slower, but much more interesting, is to take the train from Barcelona to Seville, spend a few days in Seville (a much more beautiful city than Malaga) before taking the bus from Seville to Tarifa.

From Tarifa, there are frequent ferries to Morocco.

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There are several flights from Barcelona to Morocco. Moroccan cities with flights from Barcelona include Marrakech (Marrakech), Fez (Fez), Casablanca, Nador, and Tangier.

Fez or Marrakech are the best options. Flights from Marrakech are operated by Vueling, while flights from Fez are operated by Ryanair.

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Ferries from Barcelona to Morocco take approximately 24 hours. They also drop you off in one of the least exciting cities in Morocco, Tangier. This route is not recommended.

This ferry is operated by CNG.

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