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How to get from Rome to Venice

With their world-famous history, culture, and cuisine, it’s no wonder that Rome and Venice are two of Italy’s top cities for tourists. While they are about 288 miles apart as the crow flies, there are several ways to get from one to another on the same vacation.

Here are some tips on the fastest, most cost-effective and direct ways to easily travel between Rome and Venice.

How to get from Rome to Venice by train

Rome to Venice is a 3 hour 45 minute train ride on a Frecciargento or a 3 hour 24 minute ride on a Frecciarossa high speed train, which are the fastest trains on this route. Visitors can find it easier to check train times, make reservations and buy tickets on

You can also check current Rome to Venice timetables and ticket prices or buy tickets on the Trenitalia website. The train from Rome to Venice InterCity Notte (overnight) takes almost 8 hours.

Most trains run between Roma Termini (Rome’s main train station) or Tiburtina and Venice Santa Lucia, but some trains only go to Mestre station, not Venice. So if you need to enter Venice, be sure to check the final destination.

You will need to reserve a seat on the Frecciargento or Frecciarossa trains from Rome to Venice when you buy your ticket. While you can probably buy your ticket at the station, it generally costs less to buy tickets for express trains in advance.

Italy’s privately owned high-speed train line, Italo, also offers train service from Rome’s Ostiense and Tiburtina stations (but not Termini station) to Venice Santa Lucia and Mestre stations. Buy tickets for Italo here.

How to get from Venice train station to other parts of Venice

There are vaporetto (water bus) stops in front of the Santa Lucia train station. Route number 1 goes along the Grand Canal. View Venice vaporetto information and take a look at our Venice Sestiere map showing Venice neighborhoods to help you figure out where to go. There are also water taxis, an expensive option, available near the train station.

Flying to venice

Venice has two airports: Marco Polo International Airport and Treviso Airport. Most visitors to Italy will fly to Marco Polo, which has flights from Italian cities and other parts of Europe. There are a few ways to get to central Venice from the airport, and while you can rent a car, Venice is a car-free city (you know, because of all the canals), so it might not take you far. You will have to use one of the large parking lots outside the city when you arrive.

The ATVO Fly Bus will take you to Venice (Piazzale Roma) and other destinations in Veneto. There is also a city bus as an inexpensive option, but it is not as practical if you carry a lot of bags with you.

If you don’t mind sharing, take a water taxi (minimum of two people). Water taxis are expensive, so it’s worth splitting the cost if you can. Take a look at Venicelink for more information.

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