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How to get from Seville to Morocco

Seville’s location in southern Spain makes it an excellent starting point for reaching the North African country of Morocco. Morocco is a diverse country with Berber, Arab and European cultural influences. Morocco is an exotic destination with four mountain ranges, long golden beaches and, in the south, the Sahara desert.

Visit desert cities like Merzouga and Ouarzazate (Hollywood’s preferred destination when it comes to filming desert epics), historic imperial cities like Fez and Rabat, and world-famous Tangier, Casablanca, and Marrakech.

Morocco is exotic, fascinating and accessible from the south of Spain. You have three options to travel to Morocco.

  • By plane, directly from Seville to one of the great cities of Morocco.
  • By taking a bus or train to the south coast and taking a ferry to Morocco
  • By guided tour.

Flights to Morocco

Ryanair has flights from Seville (SVQ) to Marrakech (RAK), one of the best options to visit in Morocco. This is by far the fastest way to get from Seville to Morocco. You can also fly from Seville to Fez on Iberia Airlines and from Seville to Casablanca and Tangier with stops that will lengthen your flight. The flight to Tangier lasts approximately three and a half hours and to Marrakech, four hours.

Seville to Malaga and then to Morocco

If your travel plans include traveling from Seville to Malaga anyway, you might be tempted to travel from there to Morocco. There is a ferry, but the journey is long. A better idea is to take a guided tour from Malaga that includes air arrangements. There are a variety of guided tours of Spain and Morocco starting from Malaga. As an example, Gateway 2 Morocco, a Canadian-Moroccan company, offers tours that give participants a complete experience in Morocco by including major Moroccan imperial cities such as Casablanca, Rabat, Fez, and Marrakech.

Tours can also include the Sahara desert and southern Morocco, as well as the Atlas and Rif mountains and are priced according to the length of the tour and the areas visited.

By bus and ferry

For a little more adventure, you can go a long way and take a ferry to Morocco. The best port for ferries to Morocco is Tarifa. The journey to the port is quick, it has most of the ferries, and they still dock in the port of the city of Tangier, instead of the new port of Tangier-Med, which is an hour from the city.

Algeciras also has many ferries, but fewer than from Tarifa, and they dock at Tangier Med. Book ferries from Algeciras and Tarifa from FRS. If they’re fully booked, try Trasmediterranea, which has ferries from Algeciras to Tarifa-Med and Ceuta, a Spanish enclave a little east of Tangier.

A bus, run by TG Comes, goes from Seville to Tarifa and then to Algeciras half an hour later. Tarifa is a more interesting place to stop (popular for water sports and whale watching), but if you just want to get to Morocco, it doesn’t matter which port you depart from. The bus from Seville to Tarifa takes an extra three hours and 30 minutes to Algeciras.

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