LivingHow to protect the skin from superficial wounds?

How to protect the skin from superficial wounds?

The skin is the largest organ in the body, and it is also the direct reflection of our experiences. Sometimes these are reflected in our epidermis in the form of minor injuries. Playing a sport intensely can cause scratches; a pleasant home cooking session can produce small cuts when handling utensils; long walks in the countryside can lead to cracks in the feet … Any daily activity can cause small cuts or superficial wounds that require protection to avoid infection.

But the plasters we are used to can be ineffective for this purpose, since they do not always remain well attached to the skin and can be easily removed by external agents.

Mimetik by Beter is the ideal alternative to conventional dressings. It is an adhesive for topical use that, with a single application, protects the skin from superficial cuts, scratches, erosions, hangnails, cracks, scrapes and other small injuries.

Minor wounds are not usually serious, but it is important that they are well disinfected. Mimetik prevents contamination of the affected area and improves the healing process. How do you get it? Through its unique formula, it creates a protective layer: a transparent and breathable ‘ second skin’ over the wound that protects and seals it.

A single application lasts several days , enough to make the wound disappear completely. In addition, as it is water resistant , it allows the affected area to be wet with complete peace of mind.

Wound healing could not occur more comfortably: the Mimetik layer is naturally shed as the affected dermal layer regenerates and grows.

How is Mimetik applied?

Before use, it is important to clean the wound area well to avoid infection; and it must be perfectly dry. Then apply a thin layer of Mimetik directly to the skin ; This will allow you to obtain better results and, in addition, not to waste the product.

Next, the layer just applied must be allowed to dry, trying to avoid contact with objects. Mimetik by Beter dries quickly and does not sting.

Attention! If your wound is caused by a bite, or you consider it to be a serious open wound, it is best to consult directly with your doctor.

For everything else, Mimetik is the ideal solution to get away from ineffective removable dressings , while your skin heals faster and remains protected from external contamination. Thus, you can immediately forget about skin discomfort, and continue enjoying your favorite activities with the intensity of always.

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