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How to protect your mental well-being at Christmas

In a perfect world, Christmas is full of love, warmth and happiness. However, the most common is that they are full of stress, exhaustion …

Many people already live stressful lives, and the added pressures of the holiday season help little.

We offer you some simple tips that can help you keep your mental well-being intact during the holidays.

1. It’s a family affair

Make sure you set limits early on. Instead of trying to visit all the relatives on vacation, limit who you see. Apologize in advance and save yourself long trips. You can visit them at any other time of the year. This applies to all aspects of vacation planning – be realistic. Not even a super hero could plan the office party, a family party, and the school Christmas play, cook Christmas Eve dinner, buy gifts for everyone, and keep smiling. Just writing it is tiresome. Don’t be afraid to say “no” to some people.

2. Plan spending

It is very difficult to avoid spending too much money during Christmas: gifts, food, drink, outings, guests, more food, more gifts; the amount rises rapidly. Although many people know that they are likely to overspend during the vacation period, very few make reasonable plans in advance. We advise you to establish a reasonable budget.

3. Be careful with calories but without going overboard

There is no point in pretending to eat a healthy diet for the entire vacation period. You don’t have to be so blunt. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to eat healthy while on vacation, but moderation is the most important thing.

4. Keep exercising

Exercise routines also tend to go on vacation . This, up to a point, is understandable and acceptable. We all have to take our foot off the gas at some point in the year, but remember that exercise is a great way to sharpen your mind and improve your mood. If you can, go out into nature; It is shown to increase self-esteem and improve mood.

5. Fight loneliness

Not everyone has a full calendar of activities during the holidays. For some people, it can be a lonely and socially isolated time. To overcome this, planning is necessary. There are many things we can do; it’s just a matter of looking around and diving in. Join a group, start a new hobby, or better yet, volunteer for a local charity. Starting new traditions can be a helpful way to turn this into a positive.

6. Manage your expectations

When we daydream about the Christmas season, we could imagine a harmonious, well-dressed and joyful family sitting at a beautiful oak table, a huge Christmas tree, and a fireplace. That, sadly, is unlikely to match reality.
Before the celebrations begin, be realistic (again, yes). Our mental well-being can suffer a blow if reality does not match our preconceptions. However, if we have realistic expectations, we are much more likely to be happy with the results.
We don’t live in a movie; we inhabit the real world, a messy and unpredictable world.

Happy Holidays!

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