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How to take the subway to Park Slope

Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood has numerous trains and seven different subway stations. And, since the neighborhood stretches over a mile from north to south, you may want to take the train that is most convenient for your destination. Whether you’re listening to music at Barbes or Southpaw, or heading to a restaurant or store, here are subway directions to Fifth Avenue, Seventh Avenue, Fourth Avenue, and other destinations.

The subways that serve the main streets of Park Slope’s Fifth Avenue and Seventh Avenue are the 2, 3, B, QD, G, F, N, and R trains, depending on where you go.

Which subway to take when going to 5th and 7th avenues in Park Slope, Brooklyn

If you’re unsure which subway to take when heading to a certain store, restaurant, bar, or cafe on the popular Park Slope, use this general rule of thumb, based on the street address of your destination.

Which subway is closest to the 7th Avenue destinations in Park Slope, Brooklyn ?

  • Below # 270 7th Avenue, the closest trains are the B and Q trains at 7th Avenue (at Flatbush Avenue) or the # 2 or 3 subway line stopping at Grand Army Plaza.
  • Above # 270 7th Avenue, the closest trains are the F or G trains that stop at 7th Avenue and 9th Street. (Note that there is also an exit / entrance on 8th Avenue, closer to Prospect Park.)

Which subway is closest to the 5th Avenue destinations in Park Slope, Brooklyn ?

  • Below # 100 5th Avenue, the closest trains are the # 2 or 3 subway lines that stop at Bergen Street.
  • If you are going to an address between # 100–350 5th Avenue, the closest is the R train which stops at Union Street and 4th Avenue.
  • Finally, if your destination address is numbered over # 350 5th Avenue, the closest trains are D, G, F, N, and R, all stopping at 9th Street and 4th Avenue.

Having said that, everything in Park Slope is about a fifteen to twenty minute walk from any train station, if you’re wearing sneakers. And don’t forget to check with the MTA for traffic delays, repairs, and other delays, especially on weekends.

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