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Iannone: "Every day I suffer more without the bike, but I'll be back"

Andrea Iannone participates in a RAI (Italian television) program called ‘Ballando con le Stelle’ (“Dancing with the stars”), and recently gave an interview with Corriere della Sera in which she accepts that the idea of being suspended for doping.

“In the end I went back to the dance floor, to the dance floor, which is a track although it is not in turn. Ready for another round, but I feel bad inside, for not being able to run. It does not go away,” he admits with rotundity.

The former Aprilia rider tested positive for drostanolone and was suspended until December 2023 for food contamination, turning to television and dancing by participating in the show that airs on Saturday nights.

The man from Abruzzo commented that he likes to compete in dance, but he still misses the motorcycle: “It’s a very stimulating experience. But motorcycles are still my life. I think that dancing is much more difficult because I didn’t know how to take a step and it’s a challenge with only a few days to prepare, while speed is in my blood”.

Andrea does not hide the discomfort of a situation that she cannot accept: “I suffer a lot, I have a nervousness inside that I did not know I had. The more new things I do, instead of improving, I feel worse. Every day I miss motorcycles more “.

In the interview you can see the firm determination not to consider himself an ex-pilot, but to wait until the suspension is over to start again: “I will return to my life. Otherwise, I would have already started organizing other activities, a school, for example. I feel like getting back on the bike. I never stopped training, at least twice a month I ride the bike”.

Iannone does not give up: “I can’t change anything, but I have never evaded any test, I have a clear conscience. I see MotoGP races and I don’t see them, because I get nervous. They reopen a wound that will probably never heal.”

Now Andrea has to hold on to the memories, to the success in Austria in 2016 that led Ducati to victory after a long wait: “Ducati stayed with me forever. A tear came to my heart when I left, the second came with the disqualification. Those are the two things that have hurt me the most in my life. They were the best years with Ducati.”

And to finish, Iannone speaks precisely of those from Borgo Panigale and Pecco Bagnaia: “It’s good. Quartararo deserved the title, but Ducati had the best bike”.

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