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If your child has high intellectual abilities, these are the experts you should follow to be correctly informed

If your child has just been detected as gifted or gifted, you may find yourself quite lost. You have probably spent many months (or even years) dealing with uncertainty and doubts, with sometimes unsuccessful tutorials and with the lack of understanding from the environment.

But now a new path opens up before you, and to travel it you need to be properly informed and well accompanied, because only then will you be able to offer your child everything they need to continue growing and developing their full potential.

For this reason, we want to share with you a series of accounts or profiles of experts in high intellectual capacities that will surely be of great help to you. In all of them you will find inspiration, support, understanding and resources for parents and educators of gifted children .

High Skills and Talents (AEST)

We begin by recommending the official website of the Spanish Association for the Gifted and Talented. In it you will find very complete and rigorous articles on giftedness and giftedness , as well as resources and help for families with gifted children.

  • Instagram : @altascapacidadesytalentos

High Capacities, developing their potential

High capacities is a website dedicated to gifted children, their families, and all the education professionals who accompany them. They offer information and resources to adequately accompany the needs of these children.

  • Instagram : @info.high-capacity

Children with high abilities

Beatriz Belinchón is the mother of a gifted girl and this led her to create a blog making her experience visible and providing resources and help for families in the same situation.

  • Instagram : @children_with_high_capabilities

when a mother is born

Silvia is a writer, mother of three gifted daughters , and one of the great disseminators in our country about giftedness and giftedness.

On his Instagram account, he shares infographics, reels , tips and all kinds of advice for families every day in an entertaining, practical and simple way.

  • Instagram : @whennaceunamadre.

I am brave mom

Bea Sánchez is a mother of five children, an expert in giftedness and an intense parenting consultant, as she defines herself on her blog. Accompany families with demanding babies, gifted, sensitive or twice exceptional children.

  • Instagram : @soymamavaliente

Ana Isabel Fraga

Ana Isabel is a coach and expert in children (and also women) with high capacities and/or high sensitivity. On its website you will not only find accompaniment and advice sessions, but all kinds of audiovisual resources and articles on high capacities.

  • Instagram : @anaisabelfraga o en su channel de Youtube

Marta Tourón

Marta Tourón is a specialist in gifted education and an educational consultant for teachers and schools. Through his social networks, he defends the need to educate differently so that each child reaches optimal development.

  • Twitter : @martatouron

Educa Passion, living with high capacities

Behind Educa Passion is Maque Salcedo de Prado, a teacher specialized in students with high intellectual capacity. On their website you can find a wide variety of articles of interest, and on their Instagram account you can keep up to date with their live shows, talks, tips and other educational resources.

  • Instagram: @educapassion

Vanessa Conca

Vanessa is the mother of two children with high capacities and double exceptionality, and author of the book ‘Move your ass, your son needs you’, a manual in which, in addition to sharing her own experience, she offers keys so that children with high capacities do not suffer for being different .

Although on his Instagram account you will find diverse content and not only focused on high capacities, we wanted to include it in our selection.

  • Instagram: @vanessacon_k

by gossip

Behind De Comadreo is Rocío Yllas, family coach, Positive Discipline facilitator and conscious parenting advisor. Rocío is also an expert in high capacities and high emotional sensitivity , so many of the resources that you will find on her Instagram account are focused on these aspects.

  • Instagram : @decomadreo


WonderPas is a community created by Zayra Sánchez, a nutritionist and psychologist who frequently addresses the issue of giftedness and high emotional sensitivity from her own experience.

In his Instagram account you will find infographics, texts and tips to understand and support people with these characteristics.

  • Instagram: @wonderpas

doing pedagogy

Behind this informative website is Sandra Medina, educational psychologist and expert in high capacities. Through her blog and social networks, Sandra not only informs and advises families of gifted children, but also shares other educational resources of general interest.

  • Instagram: @sandramedinapedagoga

Gifted children need support to shine and develop their full potential . Sometimes parents are lucky enough to have an educational community that is aware of this reality and willing to help, but on other occasions it is essential to seek external resources.

In this sense, there are many experts in giftedness who can help us , either by sharing their experience and advising us as parents who are going through the same thing, or as professionals specialized in this subject.

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