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Gifted children are three times more likely to be victims of bullying, and we must act to prevent it

In Spain, one in 10 children has high abilities (AACC), and they are children who are up to three times more likely than other children to suffer bullying at school, according to research led by the Cyberpsychology group of the University University of La Rioja (UNIR) in collaboration with the University of the Basque Country (UPV-EHU).

If your child has high intellectual abilities, these are the experts you should follow to be correctly informed

If your child has just been detected as gifted or gifted, you may find yourself quite lost. You have probably spent many months (or even years) dealing with uncertainty and doubts, with sometimes unsuccessful tutorials and with the lack of understanding from the environment.

What is my son's talent? Types of talent and how to promote it in children

Talent is an innate ability that makes us stand out in a certain area. There are children who have an innate talent for music, for example, or for mathematics, artistic tasks, sports...

Do you think your son or daughter can be gifted or have high capacities? What you can (and can't) do to support it

In Babies and More we have talked on different occasions about gifted or highly capable children, explaining in detail some aspects of their personality, how to motivate them at school and the importance of identifying them early.


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