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In what average position do the F1 2022 drivers finish the races?

The statistics are a reflection of what the drivers do on the track in each Formula 1 race, and although it is very difficult to judge which member of the grid has the best performances, the numbers help clarify some of those unknowns.

The Great Circus has provided some figures that are very interesting to analyze, since they indicate the performance of the drivers on Sundays when the traffic lights go out and they compete for points.

The highest category of motorsport has made a classification with the average of the positions achieved by the pilots on each occasion that they cross the finish line, without counting the dropouts, and some curious things are seen that could hardly be appreciated without those numbers.


How could it be otherwise, the leader and absolute dominator of the championship, Max Verstappen, leads the table with an average position of 1.82 each time he finishes, that is, he wins or is second almost every time he finishes a Grand Prix, hence his extensive advantage in the world championship of 80 points over Charles Leclerc.

The Ferrari Monegasque, despite being second in the overall drivers, is the one that stands out the most in a negative way, since many might think that he would be higher, but he is fourth in terms of his average position at the end of a career, a 3.20 .

Although he is quite a bit behind in the standings, his partner, Carlos Sainz, surpasses him in this statistic, and the fact is that the Madrid native signs an average position of 2.89 , and is only surpassed by the current champion and Sergio Pérez, who has a 2 .80 .

The surprises also come further down, and that is that, despite being the fourth with the most points overall, George Russell has managed to achieve an average of 3.83 , while Lewis Hamilton has seen how his poor performances at the start of 2022 they have relegated him to a middle position crossing the finish line of 5.08 .

In the rest, their positions in the drivers’ classification are quite consistent with respect to their places of arrival at the finish line, with a variation of just a few tenths, as in the case of Lando Norris, who is seventh and his average is 7, 83 , or Esteban Ocon, ranked eighth and who boasts an average of 8.25 .

However, one who is surprising is Alex Albon , who has not capitalized on his performances of 12.80 on average, since he is penultimate in the world championship, only ahead of his teammate, Nicholas Latifi.

Obviously, all these figures are simple numbers, which although they give some insight into what the drivers are doing throughout the first part of the 2022 Formula 1 season , it is easy for the results to be affected by a single race. .

An example of this could be a driver from the lower zone who finishes on the podium, since he would move up many positions in the championship, but his average position in the race would remain relatively low.


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