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Infant colic: how to relieve them to help you stop crying

About 40 percent of newborn babies experience colic during the first few weeks of life. They usually appear around the second or third week of life and last until about the fourth month.

We can know that it is infant colic if it follows the rule of three: the baby cries more than three hours a day, more than three days a week and for more than three weeks. The most common is that the crying appears at the end of the day, towards the evening-night. How we can ease that pain to help you stop crying.

The baby feels a great discomfort that makes him cry inconsolably, which generates a lot of anguish in parents who do not know how to calm him down .

In a previous article we have talked about how to prevent colic when feeding the baby, to minimize it as much as possible. But since it is not always possible, we give you some tips to relieve your baby’s colic and help him stop crying:

take him in your arms

Holding him in your arms and cradling the baby is the first emergency measure and the remedy for all ills.

Arms are a basic baby need, like eating and sleeping, and for a newborn, there is nothing compared to the security of being in mommy or daddy’s arms. It brings you calm and security, and although you may not stop crying because it still hurts, you will feel comforted.

wear a baby carrier

Sometimes it is not possible to hold the baby in our arms for too long because we have other things to do, which is why the baby carrier in these cases (and in many other situations) is a great ally.

A scarf or a backpack is an ideal solution, not only for going out for a walk, but also for indoor portering and being able to have your hands free to do other tasks. The baby loves it and it reminds him of when he was inside the womb.

Place it on your forearm, face down

like doing the bicycle with his legs, walking him upside down, with his stomach resting on our arm, or doing gentle massages in circles in a clockwise direction.

go out for a walk

One of the tricks that usually works is to go for a walk with the baby towards the end of the day, which is when colic usually appears. The baby is distracted, and also the movement of the stroller or the walk of mom or dad if we use a baby carrier, helps relieve pain.

leg exercises

If you think that the baby has discomfort due to gas, we can relieve them by doing certain “exercises” by moving his legs as if he were pedaling, what we know as “doing the bicycle”.

give her a massage

Massages help calm the baby, as long as he is willing to receive them. If he’s cranky and uncomfortable, it’s best to leave it for another time.

Gently massage the tummy in a clockwise direction to help the air circulate and expel it more easily.

Apply heat on the tummy

Some babies calm down by placing localized heat on their tummy. I used with my daughters a bag or sack of seeds that is heated in the microwave.

It can be placed hot on the baby’s tummy (be very careful with the temperature, always check beforehand and never apply it directly to the skin) or place the bag on the bed and lay the baby on top of it face down.

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Give him a relaxing bath

Knowing that the end of the day is one of the critical hours in which colic appears, we can anticipate giving it a bath with warm water in a relaxing environment and continue with a massage routine with moisturizing oil throughout the body, focusing on the tummy .

White noise

White noise is a monotonous and continuous sound such as that of a vacuum cleaner, a dryer or the noise of the washing machine, there are even applications that reproduce this sound. It is believed to be similar to the sound you can hear when you are inside the womb.

We hope that these keys to relieve infant colic will be useful to help your baby stop crying.

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