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Injured and missing persons after the explosion in a family home

A deafening bang, then a semi-detached house collapses after an explosion. There are injured and missing. Is there any connection with a fatal accident?

Rohrbach an der Ilm / Schrobenhausen – puzzling case: After the severe explosion in a single-family house in Rohrbach an der Ilm in Upper Bavaria, the police are investigating a connection with a fatal car accident in the region.

According to a police spokesman, the owner of the car was reported in the house. However, the body burned beyond recognition in the accident on Thursday afternoon, so that the investigators do not yet know who died in the car accident. First the “Donaukurier” reported.

The car accident also occurred around noon on federal highway 300 in Schrobenhausen, about 30 kilometers away. The vehicle was reportedly in the oncoming traffic.

The house explosion also tore away the wall to an adjacent semi-detached house. Both of the residents were slightly injured. According to the police, five people were reported in the collapsed house. For three of them it is known where they are. Two people were initially missing on Thursday. It is unclear whether they were in the house at the time of the explosion or not, said a police spokeswoman.

Part of the fire site is not accessible

The fire brigade moved out with a large contingent in the 6000-inhabitant town of Rohrbach an der Ilm. It is located about 30 kilometers from Ingolstadt. All the flames were still not extinguished by evening. Fire and smoke made it difficult to find the missing persons.

Explosion in Wohnhaus in Oberbayern


Fire brigade emergency services in Rohrbach.

“The scene of the fire is still very hot,” said the police spokeswoman. That is why it is partially inaccessible. An excavator cleared rubble aside so that the emergency services could comb through the scene of the accident with the twelve search dogs. The criminal police started the investigation that afternoon. dpa

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