NewsInvestigations after fatal S-Bahn accident

Investigations after fatal S-Bahn accident

After the S-Bahn accident in the Munich district, questions remained unanswered. Now there are increasing indications that one of the two train drivers has run over a stop signal. But is that also his fault?

Munich/Schäftlarn – After the collision of two S-Bahn trains in the Munich district, the public prosecutor’s office is investigating one of the two train drivers.

According to the current status, the 54-year-old continued his journey towards Munich after stopping in Ebenhausen and probably ran over a stop signal, investigators said on Thursday in Munich. However, it is still too early to say whether it is a matter of human or technical error.

The suspect’s home was searched

The suspect’s apartment had already been searched, said the spokeswoman for the Munich I public prosecutor, Anne Leiding. The man had already been questioned, but initially gave no information. Blood samples were taken from both drivers involved, but they contained no evidence of alcohol consumption. Both of their cellphones were also confiscated.

Leiding explained that the amount of data to be evaluated is similar to that after a plane crash. Therefore, patience is needed to await the results of the investigation. In addition: “Human error is not to be equated with intentional action, there is a big difference in legal terms.”

When two S-Bahn trains collided on a single-track route near Munich, a passenger died on Monday afternoon. 18 people were taken to hospitals, six of whom were seriously injured. Among the latter are the two railcar drivers; they are still in the hospital. In addition, around 25 people with minor injuries received outpatient treatment on site. Around 60 people were seated in each of the two trains. dpa

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