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Is it possible to buy a house in Mexico paying only IN CASH?

At the time of acquiring a property there is a limit that you can cover in cash. So, even if you have the amount to pay the full value of the property, you will not be able to make the entire transaction with this form of payment.

This measure does not apply only to houses, various products that you want to purchase in Mexico have a cash limit.

What is the most I can give in cash to buy a house?

The Federal Law for the Prevention and Identification of Operations with Resources of Illicit Origin establishes in certain acts or operations the restriction of liquidating or paying, as well as accepting the liquidation or payment of acts or operations through the use of coins and currency bills. national or any other currency and precious metals.

In the case of the purchase-sale of real estate, the limit is 8,025 Measurement and Updating Units (UMA), which in 2022 is 96.22 pesos.

In other words, the cash payment limit if you want to buy a house or other type of property is 772,165.50 pesos.

Limits for all other goods or services

Of the concepts contemplated in said law, that of real estate is the one that allows the greatest amount. The rest are capped at 3,210 UMA or 308,866.20 pesos. These are:

  • Purchase and sale of vehicles, new or used, whether by air, sea or land.
  • Buying and selling of watches; jeweler’s; precious metals and precious stones, either by the piece or by lot and works of art.
  • Acquisition of tickets that allow participation in betting games, contests or raffles; as well as the payment of prizes for having participated in said games with bets, contests or raffles.
  • Shielding services.
  • Purchase and sale of shares or partnerships.
  • Leasing of real estate, new or used.

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