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Is it possible to have an orgasm using only the mind?

A 33-year-old woman with vaginismus (a medical condition that occurs when the pelvic floor contracts involuntarily and causes a lot of pain during penetrative sex), Karolin Tsarski, claims to be able to reach orgasm without any genital stimulation, which it means that you literally reach the fullness of pleasure with just your mind.

Is this possible?

A new case report published in the journal Sexual Medicine seeks to verify these claims, showing that an increase in hormones associated with orgasm occurs after the experience.

It is usual that female orgasms are achieved by touching erogenous zones such as the vulva, breasts, neck, inner thighs or earlobe (their magnitude in terms of erogenous parts varies from person to person and their preferences ). But orgasms can also occur while dreaming or even some claim to climax having sexual fantasies while fully awake.

Be that as it may, this woman claims that, after a decade of tantric yoga practice (during which she learned body postures and breathing techniques aimed at becoming more aware of bodily sensations), she proves that not only can she reach orgasm whenever she wants using only his thoughts, but he could also control the duration of this state of pleasure, extending it up to 10 minutes.

Case study

During the experiment with the study authors, the woman was asked to lie down on an exam table and perform 10 minutes of continuous orgasm, 5 minutes of continuous orgasm, or, as a control, 10 minutes of reading a book .

The experts took blood samples before, during, and after a spontaneously induced orgasm, comparing the levels of luteinizing hormone , follicle-stimulating hormone, free testosterone, and prolactin in their blood to watch for any changes. ( An increase in prolactin suggests an orgasm similar to those triggered by genital stimulation.)

The results revealed that Tsarski can induce an orgasmic state using only his mind and tantric training: the woman’s blood prolactin levels increased by 25% during the 5-minute orgasm, while the 10-minute orgasm made levels will increase by 48%.

Although this is a somewhat unusual case study, the researchers say it could offer hope for women with vaginismus who are unable or unwilling to engage in penetrative intercourse.

James G. Pfaus, Karolin Tsarski, A Case of Female Orgasm Without Genital Stimulation, Sexual Medicine, Volume 10, Issue 2, 2022, 100496, ISSN 2050-1161,





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