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Is the Japanese F1 GP in danger due to a North Korean missile?

When everything seemed ready to experience an exciting return of the Japanese Grand Prix to the Formula 1 calendar, the race dispute at Suzuka was in danger after the news that jumped out at dawn in Europe a few days after seeing the cars in track. Apparently, North Korea launched a ballistic missile over Japanese territory, which alerted the country and set off alarms in the city of Hokkaido.

The Asian nation’s public broadcasting company, NHK , was the first to report what happened after the government said so: “North Korea seems to have launched a missile. Please go inside a building or a basement. Target area: Hokkaido.”

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida also spoke through his Twitter account: “The launch of a ballistic missile through the airspace over Japan is an act that can have a potentially serious impact on the life and property of the people. Japanese”.

“Accordingly, the Government of Japan will promptly confirm whether any damage has occurred from falling objects, placing emphasis on the areas that are considered to have been along the missile’s trajectory, and will continue to collect and analyze information in a comprehensive manner. “.


Despite the scare among the citizens of Japan, the event has not gone any further, even the Administration of South Korea , a neighboring country of those who launched the projectile, reported that it was probably a ballistic test headed east. In addition, the South Korean nation explained that it was the fifth missile launched by the North in the last ten days, and that it fell into the Sea of Japan, the body of water that separates the two Koreas from Japanese territory.

South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff [JCS] commented in a statement: “North Korea fires an unidentified ballistic missile into the East Sea.”

On the part of the Japanese government spokesman, Hirokazu Matsuno , they indicated: “North Korea, around 7:22 in the morning, launched a ballistic missile to the east. We are analyzing the details, but the missile passed over the Japanese region of Tohoku [northeast] and then fell into the Pacific, outside Japan’s exclusive economic zone.”

North Korea’s actions, including its repeated ballistic missile launches, threaten the peace and security of Japan, the region and the international community, and pose a serious challenge.

Despite Japan’s concern about seeing the first North Korean missile over their heads since 2017, the emergency is now over, so, initially, the race for the highest category of motorsport will not be in danger, and the single-seaters world rapids will return to Suzuka three years later.

The distance that separates the circuit with the target city of the missile, Hokkaido, is more than 1,600 kilometers by car, so they are very far from each other, even some pilots, such as Lewis Hamilton or Mick Schumacher, have been seen making life normal in the capital, Tokyo.

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