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Is your favorite brand? The best and worst sports shirts according to Profeco

If you want to stay dry and cool while exercising, there are several t-shirts on the market that promise to do just that, but do they really do? The Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco) analyzed 14 models of quick-drying sports shirts (12 for men and two for women) to find out if they work as advertised.

In the , the agency verified that the labeling they include is clear, legible and in Spanish, as well as their finishes and preparation, resistance, water absorption, capacity for drying in the open air, among other things. These were the results.

The best quick-drying t-shirts

  • Starter / G022SD03004: This shirt with an average cost of 206 pesos was rated excellent in all tests.
  • Reebok / HA1082: Although the garment delivers on the quick-dry promise and was rated excellent overall, it failed the consumer information test as it does not state whether or not it can be wrung dry. Its average price was 209 pesos.
  • Sprint / 020004: For 199 pesos, consumers can purchase this fast-drying garment. The downside is that it releases a lot of dye when washed.
  • Dunlop / 11150: Although the beach presents alterations in the thermosetting of its label after washing, it complied with all the tests, including the one for water absorption with an excellent rating, and for drying with a very good rating. It is offered at approximately 239 pesos.
  • Soul trainers / M12202-0110: Although it complies with drying, whose price ranges from 499 pesos, it does not indicate whether it is washed with soap or detergent. It also doesn’t specify whether or not it can be squeezed dry or how it dries.
  • Nike / CU5992-010: Although the shirt costs 719 pesos, it did not achieve an excellent rating in the general tests, but rather a very good rating, the same criteria with which it was considered in the drying capacity test. In addition, according to the Profeco study, it resists less than other models.
  • The North Face / NF0A5J87M19: The garment passed very well in the drying capacity test, however it takes time to absorb sweat from the front, nor does it indicate whether or not it can be squeezed to dry. Its price is around 890 pesos.
  • Puma / 58639311: This 499-peso shirt also delivers. The only observation that Profeco makes is that its print is deteriorating.
  • Under Armor / 1361469-899: Passed the drying test with a rating of “excellent”. However, its label does not indicate if it is washed with soap or detergent, nor if it can be squeezed or not to dry. In addition, after washing, it becomes fuzzy and enlarged a little.

Profeco pointed out that there are products that have higher quality at a cheaper price than other very famous ones, as an example I cite the case of the Sprint shirt of 199 pesos, against the Nike of 719.

lady t-shirts

In the case of the two women’s garments analyzed, both passed the quick-drying test. The results were the following:

Quick-drying athletic shirt brands that don’t deliver

  • Adidas / HB7482: Although the average 599 peso garment did not fail the drying capacity tests, it reached only the level of “fair”, that is, below the threshold of “good”.
  • Squadra / 11125: This shirt, which is offered at an average of 217 pesos, absorbs sweat and takes time to dry, which is why Profeco assigned it a “poor” rating in this field. In addition, its print deteriorates.
  • Team Apparel / 4781: This shirt was the only one that was positioned below the “good” threshold in a general way, since it only reached “enough”. It takes time to absorb sweat and dry, in both cases it was rated as “poor. Its value is around 329 pesos.

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