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James Gunn praises Margot Robbie: "Physically she is a pure athlete"

In James Gunn’s Suicide Squad, Margot Robbie must reprise the role of Harley Queen that she already embodied in the 2016 film and in Birds of Prey. The actress rose to world fame thanks to her role in Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street. Far from being just a pretty face, the Australian has shown great display and versatility to play all kinds of characters in a career that does not reach, not even a decade. In a short time he obtained the recognition of the public and also that of The Academy, which awarded him the Oscar for Yo, Tonya. However, the role that has dazzled everyone is his ex-girlfriend vision of the Joker. The last one who wanted to show his amazement with the actress’s work was James Gunn The director who leads these villains forced to be heroes already has his favorite scene from this latest film and he could not be happier with it, because the has called it his “favorite four-minute movie I’ve ever shot before.” In the Associated Press interview, Gunn, how could it be otherwise, praised Robbie while joking about his abilities. “I thought I could do anything” and then added “then one day he had to sing and I told him: Okay, you can do everything except one thing.” Jokes aside, the filmmaker stressed the professionalism and perfection with which he works: “But she is a great actress. Embody the character. He is capable of comedy. He is capable of doing the drama. And physically, she is a pure athlete and is capable of doing stunts in a graceful, magnificent and beautiful way. “The hype for the madness that Gunn will have created with the creative freedom that Warner offered him satisfies even its own creator, who seems totally delighted with a certain action scene that he signed with Margot Robbie within the film. “I wrote the biggest action scene I’ve ever done around Harley, and it was fun creating it at all levels, from working with the stuntmen to working with her,” stated the director, enthusiastically adding, “It’s probably my favorite movie. of four minutes that he has filmed before. ”On August 6, we will be able to see in Spanish cinemas and evaluate for ourselves the scene that Gunn talks about. Will the director’s madness match that of Harley Queen?

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