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Jazmin Grimaldi: Albert II's daughter shows first picture with all half-siblings

There are only a few photos of Prince Albert with his illegitimate children. Now daughter Jazmin Grimaldi shows a photo of all children for the first time – hidden in the annual review 2021.

Monaco – The four legitimate and illegitimate children of the Prince of Monaco have never been seen together in a photo. Daughter Jazmin Grace Grimaldi (29) has now changed that with her premiere without a bang. She hides the picture in a time-lapse video on Instagram. The video shows her year in photos. Below: A snapshot of all the children of Prince Albert II (63) united in one photo. *

Jazmin Grimaldi: Albert II’s daughter shows first picture with all half-siblings

With her review of the year, Jazmin wishes Grace Grimaldi *, who lives in Palm Springs, California, a Happy New Year. The photo of the Grimaldi sprouts is not easy to spot. Sitting next to each other on a bench like pearls: the seven-year-old twins with Hereditary Prince Jacques, Princess Gabriella with short bangs, Jazmin in jeans with pigtails and half-brother Alexandre Grimaldi Coste (18). The girls smile friendly at the camera, both boys look into the same distance.

Fürst Albert II von Monaco sitzt neben seiner unehelichen Tochter Jazmin Grace Grimaldi in der Tennisloge


One of the rare recordings of Jazmin Grace Grimaldi with her father, Prince Albert II of Monaco.

Jazmin comes from an earlier affair between Prince Albert * and the waitress Tamara Rotolo (60). Alexandre emerged from Albert’s illegitimate relationship with the former stewardess Nicole Coste (50), who recently hit the headlines because she made a sweeping blow to the weakened Princess Charlène (43) and mercilessly mocked her *. Both illegitimate children do not have a title of nobility – in contrast to the legitimate twins Jacques and Gabriella.

Jazmin Grimaldi: It was a long way to be recognized by your father

In the nineties, the son Gracia Patricias * (52, † 1982) was considered a playboy, and his private liaisons repeatedly made their way into the headlines. When he met the South African swimmer Charlène Wittstock, it was thought that Albert would gradually become calmer. A mistake, as it turned out.

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In 2005, a few days before Prince Albert II was enthroned, he recognized Alexandre, who was only two years old at the time. The news of Albert’s illegitimate child hit like a bomb, especially since the prince was already in a relationship with Charlène. It was not until a year later that Albert recognized his daughter Jazmin Grace. Tamara Rotolo and Albert met on vacation.

Jazmin Grimaldi: Today Albert II has a close relationship with all of the children

The head of the Monegasque dwarf state on the Côte d’Azur must be credited with the fact that he has a close relationship with all children today. Nevertheless, it took a long time before he officially stood by his offspring. Again and again there are rumors that Princess Charlène * suffered extremely from the prince’s wild past life. The Monegasque by choice, who is currently allegedly having to recover from profound exhaustion * in a Swiss clinic, only knows what the talk is about.

It is thanks to Jazmin that, with her photo, she clears the darkness that surrounds Albert’s infidelity and, with the publication of the video, confidently emerges from the shadow of her father. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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