FunJeff Bezos and the video of his space flight...

Jeff Bezos and the video of his space flight (inside)

Jeff Bezos made history yesterday by completing his space tourism mission aboard the New Shepherd . The flight could be followed completely live and lasted just 11 minutes in which only the take-off, the separation of the flight capsule and the subsequent landing were seen, so many wonder what was happening inside said capsule? Well we can now show you the video of the space flight of Jeff Bezos and the rest of the crew playing while they flew over space.

This was (inside) Jeff Bezos’ space flight aboard the New Shepherd

Jeff Bezos, his brother Mark, the 82-year-old American pilot Wally Funk and 18-year-old Oliver Daemen flew into space aboard Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket and returned safely and now the video of what they did has finally been seen. during your trip.

Specifically, SlashGear has uploaded to its YouTube channel a kind of “summary” of the funniest moments of the Blue Origin mission . In just over a minute, as you can see through the video above, you can see how the crew is dedicated to enjoying their flight and nothing better than taking advantage of the absence of gravity to have fun and even play with a ball. , something that could not have been seen in any other professional space mission that NASA has previously launched.

In fact, we are used to thinking of astronauts as people who would never play with a ball or eat upside down in zero gravity, “served” by someone else. Instead, this is what happened during the “trip” of Jeff Bezos and the rest of his companions. On the other hand, in this case we are referring to space tourism, so there is also the fun component . And is that despite being a success, the Blue Origin mission was “atypical” compared to those we are used to or with other missions that have been carried out for other purposes.

Anyway, those who were curious to know what the New Shepherd crew was doing on their flight while from Earth we only saw them orbit beyond our confines, they finally have a video in which we see how they can be from now on. space tourism flights , an era that has just begun officially and that we will see if it repeats itself since despite the fun it must be to make a trip of this style it is evident that not everyone can afford what they cost, having Note that the approximate price seems to be set beyond 200,000 euros.

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