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Jeff Bezos surpasses Bill Gates as the richest man in the world and Amancio Ortega occupies the sixth place

Jeff Bezos, the founder of the e-commerce platform Amazon, has ousted the 18 times richest in the world in the last 24 years, Bill Gates, as the richest person in the world, with a fortune valued at 112,000 million dollars (90,284 million euros), according to the annual list of millionaires compiled by Forbes magazine.The shares of the e-commerce ‘giant’ have appreciated almost 60% in the last twelve months, which has allowed Bezos’ fortune to boost in 39,200 million dollars (31,599 million euros), to rise as the first ‘centimillionaire’ – 12-digit fortune – of the 32-year history of this list. According to the magazine, it is the largest increase in wealth in a single year since this ranking was born in 1987, so Bezos has far ahead of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, who has dropped the top spot for the sixth time since 1995. His fortune, estimated at about $ 90 billion ( 72 .567 million euros) places him as the second richest person on the planet, in third place is Warren Buffett, the octogenarian investor popularly known as the ‘Oracle of Omaha’, whose fortune has risen to about 84,000 million dollars ( 67,730 million euros) thanks to its investment ‘arm’ Berkshire Hathaway, followed by Buffett by Frenchman Bernard Arnault, as the record results of his LVMH luxury goods ’empire’ and an agreement to buy a significant stake in Christian Dior It has allowed him to boost his fortune by 30,500 million dollars (24,592 million euros), up to 72,000 million dollars (58,050 million euros). In addition to the fourth richest person in the world, Arnault is the richest in the entire Old Continent.The fifth place is occupied by Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of the social network Facebook, who, with a fortune valued at 71,000 million dollars (57,244 million euros), closes the ‘top five’ of the richest in the world. the Spanish and founder of Inditex (Zara), Amancio Ortega, is placed with a fortune of 70,000 million dollars (56,438 million euros), which, after losing about 1,300 million dollars (1,048 million euros) in the last year, It has fallen two steps in the ranking. The list is closed by Carlos Slim Helu (Telecom), with a fortune of 67.100 million dollars (54.089 million euros); Charles Koch (Koch Industries), with 60,000 million dollars (48,366 million euros); David Koch (Koch Industries), with 60,000 million dollars (48,366 million euros); and Larry Ellison (Software), with 58,500 million dollars (47,157 million euros). Among the 500 largest fortunes in the world, three more Spaniards appear apart from Amancio Ortega: Sandra Ortega (Inditex) in 238th place; Juan Roig (Mercadona) in position 466; and Miguel Fluxa Rossello (Iberostar Group) in position 480. Likewise, one of the billionaires who saw his fortune plummet the most during the past year was Donald Trump, current president of the United States. His wealth has lost more than $ 400 million (€ 322 million) since last March, to $ 3.1 billion (€ 2.498 million). In this way, it has gone from being ranked 544 to 766.

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