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JJ Abrams misses creating his own stories

JJAbrams was long ago awarded the title of successor to Steven Spielberg. Especially because of the similarity of success in the productions that both command, achieving that the first can also be given the label of “King Midas of Hollywood.” However, there is a difference that separates the path of both. Since Super 8, Abrams has not re-created anything that did not come “inherited” from a franchise, which Spielberg has achieved throughout his career. The New Yorker has established himself more as a supervisor and producer than as an author, a circumstance that makes him miss creating his own stories. The King Midas of Franchises If we review the career of JJAbrams, it is normal to be surprised by the number of franchises from different studies you have worked with. Likewise, his current condition and fame come from the hand of agent Ethan Hunt, and as at that time it was an authentic mission impossible to “restart” the saga to some extent, giving unity to each of his films. Mission Impossible 3 was a resounding success and one of the best installments to date, thanks in large part to the villain played by Philip Seymour Hoffman. We all know the result, Ethan Hunt is close to 10 impossible missions. Filming of “Mission Impossible 3” (Paramount Pictures) Proving that this success was not the result of chance, it turned Star Trek into something mainstream that everyone without being especially geek could enjoy. Later, as a coach switching from Barça to the Real Madrid bench, Abrams signed for Disney and went on to direct the new Star Wars trilogy.Although the critics and the public are divided with his galactic adventure, the truth is that the producer generated millionaire profits at the box office. He is currently in the Warner Black Superman project with his production company Black Robot and even with some gratitude and responsibility that such a company implies, in an interview with Collider he has been nostalgic with his stage as a pure creator. eager for his next projects to be his own ideas, but he understands how the industry works: “I know that Hollywood is a place where people were inspired by something they saw in an old movie (…) And it has become a place where people say: let’s redo exactly that ”. Abrams remembered his television beginnings and predicts a return to the original script. “I think as someone who started writing on television and telling original stories in movies, it’s something that I really miss. The few things that I am working on now, as a writer, are original ideas. I really would love that my next projects were things that do not necessarily pre-exist to me, “he sentenced. There is still a long way for the new Superman to fly until its premiere and it seems that it is something that will keep JJAbrams busy, at least we can feel calm and hopeful, knowing that he will return at some point to create his own stories.

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