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"Joss Whedon Threatened My Career" Gal Gadot Confirms Abuses of Power

It seems that the Justice League movie will never cease to be news, and not because the quality of it is the subject of debate, but because of everything around it. Let’s remember that it was a production that Zack Snyder started with a clear idea of the universe for the franchise. In the middle of filming, Snyder abandons the heroic journey due to the death of his daughter and Warner decides to put Joss Whedon to finish the project. Without acting as a filmmaker in charge of finishing the work of the previous director, Whedon cuts and changes part of what he wanted to tell in his story. The fans explode because it seems that DC superheroes have been dynamited and ask for a Snyder cut that, after several ups and downs of the study, ends up being produced. But this was not the only bad thing in the work of direction of Whedon, but actors like Ray Fisher lashed out at him, calling his attitude “rude”, “abusive” and “unprofessional”. On N12news, Gal Gadot has confirmed that all those feelings on the set with the director were absolutely true. In the interview, the Wonder Woman actress was asked about the internal investigation that Warner is taking on everything that happened on that shoot. Yuna Leibzon made a textual reference to the information available to her: “He even said that you should be pretty and say your lines”, in reference to Gadot’s attempts to modify certain aspects of her character. “No, what I had with Joss basically is that he threatened my career and said that if I did something, it would make my career miserable. I handled it on the spot ”, assured the actress.All this information confirms that Fisher was not an isolated and personal case, but that the director of The Avengers had a generalized behavior of abuse of power.A month ago, The Holywood reporter already pointed out these problems with the director, with textual rumors which are supposedly attributed to words coming out of the mouth of Joss Whedon himself, in which he disparaged the work of the director of Wonder Woman and that of Gadot, stating that he is the writer and that she would have to shut up, and say her lines , because it can make her look incredibly stupid in the movie.

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