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Jungle Camp 2022, or: The joy of torturing others from afar

It starts again: For two weeks, RTL torments its viewers with disgust, fear and hunger. The jungle camp is back. A comment.

There are many things that people have been missing since the beginning of the corona pandemic. A full football stadium maybe or a celebration with friends and family, things that cannot happen in a pandemic to protect everyone. And then there is the jungle camp. In case you have already forgotten that it still exists: Last year, the “celebrities” sat down in small groups in a tiny house in Cologne to cheer up the German audience, who were plagued by the corona lockdown. The fact that this format was even more nonsense than the actual format is worth mentioning in passing, after all we don’t have forever.

So now the jungle camp is back, but in South Africa instead of Australia. The Australian government only smiled wearily when the production company came around the corner with an enquiry. An alternative location was quickly found, the trash TV master class moves to a camp near the Kruger National Park on the north-eastern border of South Africa. There it is then again for two weeks: “Who will be king or queen of the jungle?”

Jungle Camp: Desperate people in search of fame and notoriety

At the beginning of the format in 2004, the show might have been quite funny, but now? In the meantime, only a few completely desperate people are trying to use the jungle camp as a springboard for their big dream of fame and fame. Or well-known people who have just fallen to fill their cash-strapped coffers. The word “stars” is deliberately not used in connection with the people in this trash format, because you have to earn this status. And in this field there is certainly no one who falls into this category.

This is how the list of those who will sit in the camp of camp beds and hammocks in South Africa reads: In addition to bachelor candidates, reality “stars” and a carpet slut, bodyguard legend Peter Althof will also allow himself to be humiliated in the jungle camp.

How the spectators of the jungle camp enjoy the humiliation of others

Because nothing else happens in the jungle camp – and probably makes the format so popular with many viewers. Every evening you delight in the humiliation of some people, have them doused with animal waste or send them into dark rooms with insects, snakes and other animals that many find rather repulsive.

Surname job
Tina Ruland once played Uschi, Til Schweiger’s mother
Eric Stehfest wears a lot of tattoos and was once at GZSZ
Janina Youssefian “Carpet Luder” is the job title that RTL gives her
Anouschka Renzi lives in a world between the stage and rabbit ears
Tara Tabitha is now looking for a cute boy in the jungle
Peter Althof now protects the fire in the camp instead of Michael Jackson
Jasmine Gentlemen comes off the bench, but wants to catapult herself to the top with her stories around the campfire
Harald Gloöckler wants to redecorate a bit in the jungle camp – a bit of glitter, glitter
Linda Nobat probably wanted to get the bachelor’s degree
Manuel Flickinger seems to be a normal guy (Chief Secretary of Justice)
Filip Pavlovic likes to show his six-pack to the cameras
Lucas Cordalis sings like his father, but can’t come for the time being – Corona

And once a victim has been spotted who doesn’t master these tests, out of fear, out of disgust or for whatever reason, this person is repeatedly chosen for the tests. The reason is simple: in the test, stars can be earned for additional food. But isn’t it a lot funnier when the campers sit starving in the jungle with rice and beans while you’re comfortably at home with a bag of chips or a bar of chocolate dialing in the number of the person who can’t pass the test?

Jungle camp, or: The joy of torturing others from afar

Pity is not appropriate, the Z celebrities know what they are getting themselves into with this trash format – or as the German musician Alligatoah would say: “If I want to promote a show again, I have to eat kangaroo testicles despite the shameful ratings!” Nevertheless: In 2004, when the jungle camp was broadcast for the first time and probably half of Germany was sitting in front of the home TV sets, the world was somehow a little more pleasant. In the meantime, for most viewers, it’s probably just about torturing other people legally from afar. And that’s actually pretty pathetic. (msb)

Maybe it’s because: Studies from Denmark show a frightening connection between boredom and sadism. This is not only confirmed by experiments.

"Astronomical sum": Michael Mittermeier rejected requests for the jungle camp

In his stage programs, Michael Mittermeier regularly teases his TV colleagues. But even taking part in a trash TV show doesn't seem to be an option for the comedian. Because the 55-year-old has now revealed that he has rejected a record sum from RTL for the jungle camp.

"Bachelorette" candidate Filip Pavlovic wins jungle camp

After being crowned king of the jungle, Filip Pavlovic could hardly believe his luck: the reality TV candidate wins this year's season of the RTL show.

"Kiss your eyes!" – Filip is the new RTL jungle king

The RTL jungle camp has a new king. In the first season from South Africa, a candidate wins who had to fight hard for his place - and now he doesn't even fear monkeys anymore.

For Glööckler, the dream of the king of the jungle is over

Harald Glööckler is a fashion designer and self-proclaimed "walking spare parts store" - but the "pompous" total work of art is denied a jungle crown. Glööckler flies out of the RTL jungle.

"There's never been": Jungle camp becomes pure men's camp

The jungle camp is being built in South Africa - but the men's quota is now reminiscent of the Vatican. After the departure of Anouschka Renzi, only gentlemen romp around the campfire - a historical curiosity.