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Kangaroo method: a nurse creates an elastic band to promote skin-to-skin contact with the premature baby

Last week I went to the hospital to meet some newborn twins. As I entered the room, I saw the mother on the bed hugging and nursing one of them. And on the couch, his father with his brother. Their birth was a month early and doctors recommended that parents make skin-to-skin with them to help keep them warm.

The mother was comfortable, lying down, but as the hours passed, the father’s back and arms, who was sitting in an armchair, began to resent because the posture was somewhat forced.

So the idea of Estrella Gargallo, a nurse from the Neonatology Service of the Vall d’Hebron Hospital in Barcelona , has seemed very useful to help mothers and fathers who, like my friend, practice skin-to-skin with their children. Not only is it comfortable, but it also protects bodies as small and delicate as those of premature babies.

With the help of the Buff company, he created a breathable band, wide enough to wrap the baby, and to allow and facilitate kangaroo care between mother and newborn as much as possible.

Contact with mom and dad, vital for the premature baby

Dr. Fèlix Castillo Salinas, Head of the Neonatology Service of the Vall de Hebrón Hospital in Barcelona, explains on his Twitter account how important it is to promote the bond between the mother and the newborn and how much this film has helped to promote it since that is used in the center, especially with premature babies:

“The best thing that can be done is to create the bond between mother and child, because this bond greatly favors the well-being of the baby; feeling the mother close is very important ”.

According to the Head of Neonatology of Vall d’Hebron to the RAC1 radio station:

“We care for and treat newborns weighing less than 400 grams. We also take care of babies with heart disease or malformations that have to be operated on. Our service is very delicate. Therefore, we must also ensure the well-being of families and their children while they remain entered, as part of our responsibility “.

And he adds that for all these little ones who need to be admitted to the hospital for a few weeks or months, it is very important to have good technology and specific treatments, but what is essential for their good clinical evolution is contact with the mother and father:

“The best we can do is create a bond between the sea and the child, because this bond makes the newborn evolve better. It is very important for him to feel the body heat of his parents.”

This is how Estrella, the nurse from whom the idea of this special band came from, also perceived it. He points out that they saw that “the scarf already existed and could fit perfectly .” They had to do the same but “with a wider band to place it on the body of the parents and simulate a uterine sac.”

Dr. Castillo says that they got in touch with the founder of Buff, Joan Rojas, to be able to translate the idea and they showed him all the situations that can arise in neonatology so that he would take them into account when designing the special kangaroo band. because “the babies can be intubated or the tubes can be removed while the mother is doing kangaroo care.”

Thus was born the Neo Sling band for hospital use, a breathable elastic tubular band designed to “facilitate skin-to-skin contact sessions between mothers or fathers and babies in neonatal units”.

Mothers or fathers, when skin-to-skin with babies, are left naked from the waist up, and the comfort of the breathable band allows the kangaroo’s time to be extended and makes contact much easier.

It is now available in five designs and six different sizes, to suit any parent. It only has one drawback: it is not marketed for private use, only hospital.

In addition to the Vall d’Hebron Hospital in Barcelona, the band that facilitates skin-to-skin contact is also used in the General Hospital of Catalonia, the Clinical Hospital, the Barcelona Hospital or the Girona University Hospital, Dr. Josep Trueta .

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