NewsKarl Lauterbach: Carnival can become a super spreader event

Karl Lauterbach: Carnival can become a super spreader event

Party? The SPD health expert urges great caution. Carnival celebrations are best outside, inside strict 2G must apply – with controls.

Cologne – Karl Lauterbach strongly advises against indoor carnival celebrations. “The carnival can become a super-spreader event,” said the SPD politician and health expert on Monday of the German press agency in Cologne.

“We are facing a very massive wave,” warned Lauterbach. The following applies to the carnival: “If possible: celebrate outside! If it’s inside, strict 2G must apply. With controls. But even then, indoor events are a huge danger. Therefore, any canceled indoor carnival event is a good event. Because it protects life. “

Even if 2G applies to hall events – i.e. if only vaccinated and convalescent people are admitted – this does not create any real security, because the vaccination protection is already waning for many. “Anyone who goes into an interior must expect a vaccination breakthrough,” said Lauterbach. “These vaccination breakthroughs shouldn’t be underestimated. Fortunately, the very difficult courses are not that common. Still, many breakthroughs in vaccination are harder than the layperson imagines. They can also lead to Long Covid. “

The pandemic is currently like a candle that burns from two ends. “It burns from below because many are still not vaccinated. It burns from above because those who have already been vaccinated lose their vaccination protection. That is the situation in which we are currently. “

Lauterbach expressly did not join the chairman of the World Medical Association, Frank Ulrich Montgomery, who had spoken of “Anne Will” of a “tyranny of the unvaccinated”. “You cant say it like that. We have not agreed that vaccination is mandatory, and accordingly the unvaccinated only exercise their rights. I don’t believe in playing the vaccinated and unvaccinated against each other, ”said Lauterbach.

What is needed is a consistent implementation of 2G – not only in carnival, but in all comparable situations. “We need 2G nationwide, the faster the better.” This will ultimately lead to an increased willingness to vaccinate, because one is excluded from too large a part of social life. “And of course it is also the case that the proportion of unvaccinated people who have become infected and have acquired immunity through the infection is unfortunately increasing.” Dpa

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