NewsKerkeling avoids social media: "Then I'm just yesterday"

Kerkeling avoids social media: "Then I'm just yesterday"

Comedian Hape Kerkeling is looking forward to his TV comeback – but he doesn’t want to advertise it on social networks. And the 56-year-old doesn’t use Instagram or Facebook either.

Cologne – Hape Kerkeling (56), bestselling author and comedian, wants to continue doing without social media.

“I can do it myself. But the companies I work for, Vox, Piper-Verlag, my record company: Of course, they set up social media channels for the new programs and projects. I take a look at it. But I don’t run it myself, ”says the author in an interview with Vox about his new travel documentary series“ Hape and the 7 Dwarf States ”on the station (from Sunday, November 21st, 7.10pm). He doesn’t want to change his behavior when it comes to Instagram, Facebook and Co: “I know it’s 2021. Then I’m just yesterday. I don’t want it. “

His TV comeback feels “great,” says Kerkeling. “It is now suddenly very concentrated. That is really also due to the pandemic, my book, my CD, the programs on Vox and a series on RTL, it’s all coming soon. But after that there is peace in the box for the time being. “

According to the current bestseller “Paws off the table! My cats, other cats and I “is another work in progress:” I’m preparing a new book that will hopefully appear in one or two years. “Dpa

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