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Kilos by kilo: Starting this month, Profeco will put this seal ONLY on establishments that do sell real liters and kilos

The Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office (Profeco) reported that this month it will start with the inspection in commercial establishments throughout the country in order to verify that liters by liter and kilos by kilo are sold, at the same time that the seal will be delivered with the legend “The Yellow Seal, watch your pocket”.

Attorney Ricardo Sheffield Padilla explained that the yellow seal is part of a campaign to give guarantees to consumers that the business that holds it delivers full kilos and liters.

In the presentation of the weekly report Who’s Who in the Prices of Basic Necessities, he expressed that a common problem worldwide is the growing inflationary pressure in which the temptation of many merchants to move to the scale is also increasing, by flow meter.

“Since there is this inflationary pressure, the temptation also grows for many merchants, for many distributors, to move to the scale, to move to the flow calibrator, to the flow meter and then, if the price goes up, so as not to go up I give him his little shave per kilo, I give him his little shave per liter”, .

The head of Profeco commented that the Spanish-speaking government agencies for consumer protection in the world carry out twice a year the verification of measuring instruments used by businesses.

“And to tell you that we have been in communication with all the Spanish-speaking government consumer defense agencies in the world and the same problem is occurring throughout the planet.”

Sheffield Padilla explained that this July begins with the second calibration of the year by Profeco, at the same time that he called on consumers to help verify those places that are complying with the calibration on their scales. .

What will the yellow hologram look like?

The new hologram that begins to be distributed this July is round instead of square where the colors will no longer be changed, but only the seasonality, the year and the semester that is being calibrated, and we will use the color yellow.

“In addition to this small seal, we are making some larger stickers where it says that the yellow seal takes care of your pocket. And this measuring instrument has already been verified, we will be placing it in the pumps and in the businesses that already have their scales calibrated apart from the yellow seal that takes care of your pocket in each of the pumps and in each of the scales”, concluded the head of Profeco.

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