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Lawyers specializing in animal law

The legal situation of animals in Spain

Spain has 17 autonomous animal protection laws , all of them very different. Animals are more or less protected depending on where the events take place, an inequality that leaves many animals defenseless .

Article 337 of the current Penal Code contemplates prison sentences for animal abuse from 3 months to one year and if the animal has died from 6 to 18 months , in both cases disqualification from exercising a profession, trade or trade related to animals and for their possession.

As we can see, it is practically impossible for anyone who has mistreated an animal, no matter how cruel the death may have been or no matter how much suffering and pain the animal has suffered, to not go to jail in Spain for it.

In cases where there are several dead animals due to being mistreated, the sentences are always for continued mistreatment , that is, the same sentence is imposed if the convicted person has killed one or hundreds of animals . Something very outrageous that should change now that animals are no longer considered as things, but sentient beings that suffer and suffer.

Due to this unfair situation for the thousands of animals that are mistreated and for which justice is not done , it is for this reason that animal protection entities increasingly resort to animal lawyers to denounce the cases that come to them. It is important that it is managed by professionals who believe in the defense of animals and who have the necessary training to do so . This does not mean that only animal lawyers are capable of handling abuse cases, a good criminal lawyer can carry out a case , but as in all processes, specialties are necessary and create an experience, which, especially in Spain, can help many animals .

Not only can they help in cases of abuse, for example, they can also lead to cases of fraud for those affected by buying sick puppies in pet stores. There are so many cases that it is necessary to create jurisprudence on the matter , it is essential that those who traffic in the life of animals to enrich themselves at the expense of mistreating and exploiting them , be punished with the full weight of the law .

Animal protection entities must be aware that dedicating resources to defending cases of animal abuse is just as important as dedicating it to saving animals by taking them to the veterinarian . It is important to appear as a private or popular prosecution in the cases that come to court, for this it is essential to go with a lawyer and a solicitor , the animals need to be represented and justice done. You have to avoid archiving procedures , which happens very often. Without a doubt, it is an economic effort when the means are scarce, but as far as possible , this possibility should be valued .

bar associations

The first association created for the legal defense of animals was the Animal Legal Fund , founded in the United States in 1979 by Joyce Tischler. They file high-impact lawsuits to protect animals , but part of their work is focused on training prosecutors and lawyers to advance the field of animal rights.

In Spain there are associations of animal lawyers that offer legal coverage in cases of animal abuse and advise individuals and protectors in administrative complaints. They are working to press for improvements to administrative laws and a modification to the Penal Code to increase penalties to exceed 2 years in prison.

The importance of training

DeAnimals is a school specialized in training on animal rights , it was created by the lawyer Raquel López Teruel. Its multiple courses are aimed at training lawyers , law students , jurists , police and animal protection entities.

An important advance

Undoubtedly, something is changing, more and more Bar Associations have an Animal Rights Section that organizes congresses and round tables for their associates, without a doubt one of the best ways to raise awareness and train judges , prosecutors and lawyers to achieve a legal defense that really punishes any person who mistreats animals . If exemplary convictions are achieved, this problem will undoubtedly be reduced , knowing that committing a crime with impunity only transmits to a society that nothing happens for mistreating and killing animals.

As Mahatma Gandhi said: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”


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