NewsLower Saxony: court awards wheelchair to blind man

Lower Saxony: court awards wheelchair to blind man

A blind man with multiple sclerosis (MS) is entitled to a power wheelchair after a court ruling. His health insurance company had refused.

Celle – A seriously ill man has been awarded the right to a power wheelchair by a court. This was announced by the State Social Court of Lower Saxony-Bremen on Monday in Celle. A 57-year-old man from the Harburg district had sued.

Because of an MS, he was unable to walk and was given a push-rim wheelchair. In 2018 the disease worsened and one arm became powerless. Since then, he has only been able to move the wheelchair with difficulty.

His health insurance company had rejected the application for a power wheelchair. You can read about why the health insurance fund refused the severely disabled man's request – and why the judges rejected the decision as "unacceptable" – on

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