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Márquez: "In the direction we're going, the rider will stop making a difference"

The mechanical equality of the MotoGP prototypes has led, in recent years, the manufacturers involved in the championship to explore other ways to find that last tenth that makes the difference, basically focusing on the aerodynamics and height adjustment devices of the motorcycle, techniques in which Ducati has opened a door through which the rest of the manufacturers have entered.

In order to keep the motorcycles on the ground and not fly away due to their enormous power, the wings, the air flows and the height adjustment play a determining role, but the collateral damage means that, more and more, the ‘dirty air’ given off by the prototypes and the turbulence they create make it impossible for the bike behind to overtake.

In the French Grand Prix, Marc Márquez overtook on the first lap, an action in which, in one fell swoop, he struck down Fabio Quartararo and Takaaki Nakagami, the Frenchman passed him again and the Honda rider could no longer recover any position until the end, letting the laps go by until crossing the finish line.

This Thursday, in Mugello, where the Italian Grand Prix is held, Márquez was required to give his opinion and a formula to solve it.

“It is impossible to come up with a solution that satisfies everyone, everyone wants to keep the points where they are strongest,” said the Honda man.

“Whoever has a running bike doesn’t want the engine to be touched, and whoever has working aerodynamics doesn’t want anything to change in that regard,” he added.

Márquez does not believe that the pilots should be the ones to provide the solutions to this situation.

“It is not our job, besides, each one has their own ideas. It is up to the World Championship and the manufacturers to understand in which direction we want to go: if we want motorcycles that have more and more performance or if we want to contribute for the show”, the option that would allow more overtaking and hand-to-hand fighting.

“We agree that, nowadays, a minimum of aerodynamics is needed with the high speeds that are being reached, as well as traction control. But we have to understand that there must be clear rules and limits.”

The Catalan runner believes that a compromise must be found between technical evolution and the spectacle expected by the fan who watches the races from home.

“If we continue down this road the bikes will get faster and faster, but people, from their homes, won’t notice if we go a second and a half or two faster. Personally I prefer to see a show like the one we saw in Estoril with the SBK”, he said in reference to last weekend’s race.

“It is necessary to strike a balance, even knowing how difficult it can be. For me, the rear ‘holeshot’ would have to be sacrificed (the height adjustment device introduced by Ducati and that all brands have been incorporating), but it’s not me Who can make that decision?

Unlike Formula 1, where the car clearly makes the difference, in MotoGP it has always been believed that the rider was a more determining factor.

“Personally I believe that the driver must always make the difference, but in the direction we are going we risk that very soon the reality will be quite different. I like group races, with a lot of overtaking,” he said.

“Perhaps it is better to go a little more ‘slowly’, but see more overtaking,” settled the boy from Cervera.

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