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Márquez is discharged to return to training normally

The Honda rider underwent a new medical check-up just six weeks after the previous one (July 13), and twelve weeks after he underwent surgery on June 2 at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. The surgeon who intervened, Joaquín Sánchez Sotelo , has supervised the CT scan that the pilot has undergone and the result has been positive. Marc Márquez has received the OK from the doctors to be able to train normally after verifying that the bone has fully consolidated.

“Today I had the opportunity to evaluate Marc Márquez regarding his recently performed surgical procedure at the Mayo Clinic,” Sánchez Sotelo said in an official statement.

“Fortunately, Marc has regained a great range of motion and has also recovered well muscularly. Today he had X-rays and a CT scan showing complete bony union,” adds the surgeon.

Although everything indicates that the runner will take part in the Misano tests scheduled for two weeks from now, on September 6 and 7, at the moment Marc’s presence has not been confirmed in the aforementioned tests, even though Alberto Puig left clear on DAZN that “it would be a problem for Honda” if it cannot take part in these vital test days.


In an official statement, the Repsol team announced the rider’s progress.

“The Repsol Honda Team rider has successfully completed another medical check-up at the Ruber Internacional Hospital in Madrid. His trusted medical team, made up of Dr. Joaquín Sánchez Sotelo , Dr. Samuel Antuña and Dr. Ángel Cotorro , has been satisfied with the recovery of the right humerus.

The medical team has given Márquez the go-ahead to intensify his training, adding more weight and introducing more varied exercises into his routine. In addition, it has been agreed that the eight-time World Champion will start training on a motorcycle to learn more about the state of his right arm.

Based on the conclusions of these tests, Márquez and the Repsol Honda team will assess the next necessary steps,” the note concludes.

At the moment, Márquez has strictly complied with the program that the doctors designed for his rehabilitation, and after passing a first exam on July 13, this week the consolidation of the bone has been confirmed, a previous step before being discharged to be able to exercise normally.

Now, together with his personal trainers and the supervision of his trusted doctors in Madrid, Cotorro and Antuña , Marc will design a plan to get fit physically, and although nothing has been communicated about it at the moment, the runner’s team is ready in case the need arose to do a test with the Honda CBR 600 street bike as a preliminary step to making the decision to travel to the Misano test.

Before reappearing in Austin in mid-April this season, after the very strong fall he suffered in training in Indonesia that forced him to miss that race and the one in Argentina due to an episode of diplopia, Márquez already did a test in Alcarrás with the Honda CBR 600, just as he did in January, before the preseason, when he traveled to Portimao to shoot with the RC213V-S and in Aragón, again, with the CBR 600. So everything would point to us seeing Marc in a circuit with the street bike in the next few days.

Vital for Honda to be in Misano

“Personally I think that for the race (in Misano) he will not be there, but he can be there for the test, and even if it is not to do 100 laps every day, that he can do four starts, to say yes or no, it would be very important. ”, explained Puig in the interview.

“If he is not there, it will be more of the same, it will be a long time without having Marc in the tests and it will be complicated,” Puig warned about the danger of HRC losing its way again in the development of the 2023 bike.

Although Márquez is aware of Honda’s interest in him being in Misano, which is also his intention, he assures that he will follow the correct steps and “if I have to wait another week, I will wait. I haven’t come this far and I’ve been through everything I’ve been through, to rush us. Honda knows this and supports me in that.”

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