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Márquez: "It is difficult to understand how it can lead to a war in 2022"

Surely it was not in the script and the question caught Marc Márquez himself by surprise, but in the final part of the press conference prior to the Qatar Grand Prix with which the MotoGP season will start this weekend, the Honda rider was asked if the pilots should take advantage of their public notoriety to express their opinion about the warlike conflict of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

“It is very difficult for me to understand this situation, how we can reach this point in the year 2022. As has been seen, all of us here are against the war, I personally do not understand how something like this cannot be stopped. For our part, the only thing we can do is give our support to all the people, the families and, above all, the children who are suffering from this war, but I believe that there are people who are much more important than us, who are the ones who must act to stop this war,” said Marc Márquez.

Before that, the Spanish runner, who after two years of dragging major physical problems, seems to arrive ‘clean’ at the start of the season, claimed to be on the road to definitive recovery.

“I’m very happy to be here, it’s already better than last year when we weren’t there. During the winter I wasn’t sure, but then we were able to do the tests, I felt good physically and now we’re here. In 2022 I want to fight with everyone my rivals to win the title, but first let’s see how this first race goes”.

One of the tricks that the eight-time champion will have is the new Honda RC213V , completely modified.

“The bike is a great advance, I have the feeling of having changed the brand, it is totally different, the nature, the character, the essence of the bike is different and I see potential, in Mandalika I started to adapt the bike to my style and the base is good, we will need some race to finish adjusting it, we will see it in the coming weeks”, he valued.

“It’s a bike for more riding styles, I won three races with last year’s and it was said to be a difficult bike. This year, following the comments of all the Honda riders, there have been changes, I understand that Honda must fight for the title every year, no matter the name of the rider, now we have an easier bike, but you need to understand it well. The front tire works differently, but in Mandalika I started to adapt it to my style and in any case it is a better bike, it is a big change, but it’s a better bike for the future of Honda.

Apparently in the preseason tests, the course starts on paper with a huge equality between the brands.

“It is true that very tight results were seen in the tests, therefore we have to wait three or four races to see how the season evolves, but it is very interesting that the level between the brands is balanced”.

Despite having been a dominant driver, Márquez has only won once in Qatar, so this circuit may not be the best thermometer for him.

“During the season there are 21 circuits, Qatar is not the best for my driving, Honda was not that strong for the circuit, they say, but now I see Honda strong and we will see what happens on Sunday, winning would be a dream but we are very far now, first we go step by step at the weekend.

“I focus on myself, but I can’t waste time, victory this Sunday may not be the goal now, but during the weekend we will see where we all are, and if I don’t win it will be because I can’t, not because I don’t want to, but I have to hurry up and understand well how I have to do things to be able to fight for the title at the end of the year”.

Another aspect that continues to improve every year is aerodynamics , something that Marc finds both positive and negative.

“When I got to MotoGP (2013) there were no wings and it was better for the show, you could overtake and it was easier to follow another rider, now everything shakes strangely when you’re behind someone, now it’s easier to drive, but It’s also harder to make mistakes, like following someone or overtaking another driver.”

The device that regulates the height of the bike is another aspect that continues to evolve and here Marc was clear in his diagnosis.

“I think it’s something that should be eliminated in the future, I said it last year after my injury, we riders should do it together, the manufacturers are always looking for more speed, more strength, it doesn’t add anything to the show, for the street bikes is useless, it’s good for aerodynamics, but all these systems allow us to go faster, but they don’t make sense for the future,” he underlined his disagreement.

Two years with physical problems have made the runner rethink some aspects.

“Over the last two years I’ve learned to approach, or approach, injuries differently and take the time I need for each one. Even if I don’t want to, I’ll get injured again, and what has changed is the approach to recovering. But when I’m Well, I’ll take the same risks as always,” he said.

2022 will be the first year that Valentino Rossi will not be in MotoGP and will not be Marc’s rival, so they asked him for an assessment in this regard.

“In recent years I was no longer one of the main rivals for the title, last year I focused on the fastest, Joan Mir, Pecco Bagnaia and Fabio Quartararo, obviously we have lost an icon in MotoGP, but the World Championship continues and I think It will be a good season”, settled the rider based in Madrid.

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