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Martín: "Going to the official Ducati is a step that I have to take"

During the first day of the British Grand Prix, the tail of the Ducati owned by Jorge Martín and Enea Bastianini appeared with a set of four fins never seen before, a new invention from the Borgo Panigale ideas factory that, however, did not they were to the liking of Jorge Martín.

“It looks like a dragon,” the Spaniard said with a laugh when asked about the aesthetic figure of those protuberances .

“It’s not just the rear wings, we’ve tried the whole new fairing, just the front end doesn’t change that much. The goal is to gain the speed that we’ve lost with the new fairing, which is more agile but loses us in that aspect. We are analyzing to see if it works better,” explained Jorge.

About what these rear wings can contribute or win, at the moment there is no data.

“I still don’t know what they bring me, but at Ducati they think it’s better and that it increases performance. Personally I don’t know to what extent, the truth is that I wasn’t comfortable when attacking time, it wasn’t easy for me. When there is a something new has to be or better or worse, there is no need to overthink it. You have to analyze it well but I think I will return to the standard fairing, “he ruled out the novelty.


In Ducati they have had the tact to give the same material to Enea and Jorge, immersed in the battle to get up to the official team, so that there are no suspicions, although it is suspicious that no one else has tried it.

“Seeing that the official team hasn’t tried it, it’s a bit strange, the truth is that I expected more riders to try it, now for me it’s difficult to know how I’m going to start tomorrow. But well, I hope they don’t do many tests and that they focus on what you have to focus on,” he demanded in reference to Ducati.

Martín has been able to recover , during the summer, from the injury to the operated hand.

“I felt very well physically, especially at the start of FP2, then we got lost with the tests, but I hope to return to the site tomorrow and I hope to be competitive”, in qualifying.

Martín assures that he does not know if next year he will be in the official team, even though many believe that the decision has already been made.

“I really don’t know which team I’m going to ride next year, I’d like to know. It’s a decision that Ducati will make after Austria. It doesn’t create tension or pressure for me. Surely not wearing red next year would disappoint me a bit, I think. that it is a step that touches me and that I must do, but if it does not happen, we will have to do my best with the same material at Pramac Racing Ducati. I simply think that it is a step that I must do”.

Finally, they asked him if the Ducati Team’s strategy of creating this competition between him and Enea is the smartest thing to do.

“I prefer not to go into that. At Ducati they are smart enough to understand who is the best for that position,” he settled.

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