AutoMazda MX-5 ST Red Heritage, more “chic” than ever...

Mazda MX-5 ST Red Heritage, more “chic” than ever – 17 ”Bright Dark alloy wheels

In 1989 the first unit of the MX-5 was born. Almost thirty years later we enjoy the fourth generation: a car that, although it is light years away from the first, continues to maintain its essence both in the image and in the owners : people who want the trip to be part of the destination.

In 2015, the current generation of the legendary roadster was born : an all-new vehicle that reflects the revolution that occurred at Mazda. The design language describes "kodo" ( name of the design style created by Mazda where the brand's design artists embody "the soul of the movement" ) without any doubts. Furthermore, this generation incorporated SKYACTIV technology for the first time. The reduction in weight, the homogenization between the driver and the car, the feeling of freedom and, without a doubt, the price are some of the justifications to understand the good reception that this car has throughout the world.

Below we give all the details of this version that you can purchase for € 29,000.

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