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McLaren backs FIA changes for 2023 and calls for "no capitulation"

Since the pre-season tests, a large majority of the teams were surprised by a phenomenon called porpoising in their cars due to the return of ground effect, which some even recognized could become a serious safety problem.

Due to this, the FIA began to take action during the Canadian Grand Prix weekend, but several teams questioned its intervention, since some teams had more problems than others and saw it as unfair.

Last week, the governing body confirmed that it would amend the technical regulations for 2023 and force teams to raise the edges of the floor by 25mm to minimize the problem, as well as confirming the introduction of stricter tests to prevent tricks that seem to be giving flex to the floors this course.

This Friday at Paul Ricard it was announced that six teams are considering challenging the FIA, since they are against the rule change, because in the last few races the problem seems to be much more under control, which is why they do not consider it a security problem.

For its part, McLaren has confirmed that it is not among the teams that want to put pressure on the FIA, with team principal Andreas Seidl welcoming the changes for 2023.

“No, we are happy with the decisions the FIA has taken on this issue,” he said when asked by about McLaren ‘s position in this debate.

“In the end, when all this started, with that technical directive and so on, the FIA made it clear that it was based on safety.

“That’s why I think it’s very important now to keep going and not give up in any direction. So yeah, we’re very happy with that,” added the Woking man.

Andreas Seidl, Team Principal, McLaren

Beyond those six teams, in which it seems that Ferrari, Red Bull, AlphaTauri, Alfa Romeo, Haas and Williams are, it is practically taken for granted that this group can reach enough strength to reach a compromise solution and accept a minor minor change compared to what was initially raised by the FIA.

If eight teams agree and reject the proposal, it would create a “supermajority” that could force the governing body to change its plans.

Asked by if McLaren was under any pressure from this group of teams to join them, Seidl replied: “No, we are a completely independent team, we make our own decisions and fight for what we believe in. which is the most correct.”

“Again, I repeat that we support the initiative and the idea of the FIA. But it is still an ongoing discussion, so this is all normal too.”

“I guess we’ll have clarity soon, we’ll focus on that and move on,” he concluded.

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