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Mechanic who assaulted Booth-Amos expelled

Last week a video surfaced on social networks in which a mechanic from the Moto3 CIP Green Power team could be seen physically and verbally assaulting the young British rider Tom Booth-Amos . From the images it is understood that the rider enters the box and makes a comment about the operation of the motorcycle, and immediately afterwards a mechanic, in this case it was his technical chief, attacks and insults him.

The events occurred during the 2019 season, but a social media user uploaded them last week, being the pilot himself who revealed that it was himself.

The aggressor, Maurizio Cambarau , continues to work in the World Championship, specifically alongside John McPhee in Max Biaggi’s team, who has made the decision to expel him after the Malaysian Grand Prix, which takes place in three weeks.

The images of the video quickly went viral and those responsible for the World Cup announced that they were going to open an investigation. This Wednesday, the international federation, the promoter Dorna and the team association, IRTA, issued a joint note.


“Video of this incident was widely shared on social media and the actions of the team member in question raised immediate and serious concern. The FIM, IRTA and Dorna Sports strongly condemn this behaviour,” the statement said.

“Furthermore, it has emerged that the person in question is still working in the paddock and is now employed by a different team, who were unaware of this incident,” he said.

“The team has decided to dismiss this member of staff, who will not be working for them again after the Malaysian Grand Prix.”

“The FIM, together with the IRTA and Dorna Sports, considers this to be the correct decision and fully supports the action taken by the team in terminating this person’s contract,” they support Biaggi.

“Abusive behavior should not and will not be tolerated. All parties will continue to work to make the MotoGP Paddock the safest possible working environment,” the statement concludes.

After the races in Japan and Thailand, a large part of the members of the paddock have remained in the area to the east of the races in Australia and Malaysia, it will be after this double on the return to Europe, when Cambarau will be expelled from MotoGP.

At the moment, the Italian ex-pilot Max Biaggi has not made any statement in this regard. Biaggi recently had to make the decision to fire two other mechanics from his team who were involved in an incident with a rival driver, disturbing him at the pit exit during training, some images that caused a lot of controversy and ended forcing the Italian champion to expel them.

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