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Medieval Times Orlando

Medieval Times is one of Orlando’s most popular dining attractions. Travel back in time to experience the world of knights, horses, wizards, nobles, and finger food. There is something for everyone at Medieval Times, so bring the whole family!

The tournament:

Part of the fairy tale, part of the history lesson, the Medieval Times show takes you back to the 11th century, when knights fought for the honor of beautiful ladies.

The main event is the tournament. Dozens of laden horses and knights, thrilling jousting matches, charming maidens, and fascinating hand-to-hand combat come together in an exciting demonstration designed to entertain guests of all ages. Everyone in the tournament is encouraged to cheer on the knight representing their seating section at the castle, and doing so adds to the fun.

The lighting, music, choreography, period costumes, and expert horsemanship are very impressive and add to the overall experience.


While enjoying the tournament, guests can enjoy a four-course dinner that includes tomato soup, garlic bread, ribs, rotisserie chicken, herb-roasted potatoes, pastries, and non-alcoholic beverages. Hummus, bean stew, fresh fruit, and other vegetarian options are available upon request. There is also a full bar service for adults to enjoy. As delicious as the food is, there is a bit of a plot behind the action of the show, so you will occasionally have to look up from your plate.

For most guests, especially children, the best part of the party is eating without utensils. There is something about finger food from metal plates that makes food taste so much better. But don’t worry about missing anything; Banquet tables and auditorium-style seating allow you to watch the show while your stomach fills up.

The extras:

If you like history, be sure to visit the Medieval Village before the tournament starts. As you stroll, you will come across eight huts with craftsmen from medieval times, including boilermakers, weavers, and potters. The cabins and their contents are authentic for the time period. There is also a Hall of Arms where you can see medieval artifacts and a museum of medieval torture. This section of the castle can be too intense for some children.

A large gift shop is located inside the Castle, and photos are available to all guests. Items sold in the store range in price from very affordable to extremely expensive.

The details:

Castle Orlando-Kissimmee, which was the first Medieval Times to open in North America, offers group rates and reduced admission prices to Florida residents. The dress is casual and discounts are available online. The castle doors open 75 minutes before show time, and seats are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Get there as early as possible if you want a good view of the tournament, and then take your time wandering around the castle.

The cost:

General admission

  • Adults $ 62.95
  • Children under 12 years old $ 36.95

King’s Royalty Package (over $ 40 retail value plus premium seats)

  • Add this package for just an additional $ 22 per person.
  • VIP first row, seats in all sections or second row in the center section
  • Entrance group photo framed
  • Commemorative program
  • Knight’s Cheering Banner
  • Behind the scenes DVD (one per party)

Celebration Package (retail value over $ 40)

  • Add this package for just an additional $ 18 per person.
  • VIP seats
  • Group photo for each member of the party
  • Commemorative program
  • Knight’s Cheering Banner
  • Slice of birthday cake for each member of the party
  • Personalized announcement during the show
  • Behind the scenes DVD (one per party)

Royalty Package (Retail Value Over $ 20)

  • Add this package for just an additional $ 12 per person.
  • VIP seats
  • Commemorative program
  • Knight’s Cheering Banner
  • Behind the scenes DVD (one per party)

If you:

Medieval Times Orlando

4510 W. Vine St.
Kissimmee, FL 34746
Phone: (407) 396-2900

Hours: hours vary by night. Check the website for up-to-date information on hours.

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