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Mir: “Tires can condition a race and the World Cup”

Alcañiz.- Two weeks ago, at Silverstone, the Spaniard was one of the drivers who felt most harmed by the unexpected drop in performance of the tires he chose to compete in the race; in his case, the soft front and the middle rear. Although finish ninth, more than 16 seconds behind Fabio Quartararo, the winner, the Suzuki he didn’t want to draw blood when he got off the motorcycle, even though he did make himself understood. 

At the gates of the Aragón Grand Prix, Mir occupies second place in the general table, but 65 points behind Quartararo, the undisputed leader. 

“I had a problem with the front tire and it made me lose a lot of time. I did not expect it at all, a pity. It was not the fault of the election, because Fabio won and he also had the soft one, “said Mir, on Sunday. Others who also complained about the same thing were Pecco Bagnaia and Valentino Rossi. 

All of them lamented this lack of uniformity in the performance of compounds of the same specification, which, in theory, should be identical. The root of the problem, although it does not come directly from the mouths of the runners, who are the main victims, is the reuse of tires that have already been preheated in previous Grand Prix. 

“What happened at Silverstone with the tires is complicated, because these things can condition not only a weekend, but even the championship”, commented the man from Palma, who had to face a battery of questions about the same issue . “It is not that we are not allowed to speak. I would like to think that Michelin is doing everything it can to manage the situation in the best possible way. But in recent races there have been several of us who have complained”, added the current champion, who defended the policy of non-aggression with the Clermont-Ferrand brand, at least from the outside, even if that does not mean stopping put pressure on the French manufacturer so that the general situation improves.

“Even without the drivers complaining publicly, I think the teams are putting a lot of pressure on Michelin, and I think they are working hard”, clinched the #36 , who after scrapping the rear height adjuster in Great Britain – “takes us away more than what it gives us”, he said, will try it again this  weekend at Motorland. 

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