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Montreal Christmas Parade 2017 Christmas torchlight march

The Montreal Christmas Parade known as Marche de Noël aux flambeaux is an opportunity for anyone to join an evening procession with up to 12,000 revelers walking Mont-Royal Avenue, candle in hand. Generally celebrated on the first Saturday in December 2017, the Marche de Noël aux flambeaux is celebrated on December 9, 2017 starting at 7 pm

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The route generally stays the same every year. Here is a map of the route Marche de Noël aux flambeaux 2017. The parade begins at 7 pm at Parc des Compagnons at the corner of Mont-Royal and Cartier, proceeds through Mont-Royal and ends at 7:30 pm at Parc La Fontaine.

A handful of choirs and a host of holiday-inspired characters dot the candlelit procession, walking alongside the participants as they sing. The candles, a must have for anyone participating, are sold on the site for $ 2 each. Or instead of paying $ 2, the organizers also accept stuffed animals, children’s books, toys, and non-perishable food as a donation in exchange for a candle. Candle sales proceed and donations traditionally go to the Moisson Montréal food bank.

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Like I said before, anyone can join. This is a great experience for families, especially as children easily get used to the holiday spirit by holding their candles and singing along with the passing choirs as they anticipate the evening fireworks at the end of the parade.

And it is affordable. Other than the purchase of candles and voluntary donations, no other costs are incurred. To ensure you have enough time to secure your sail, try to arrive at the site at least 20 minutes early.

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Catch the fireworks just above the waters of La Fontaine Park at 7:45 pm, which are expected to last about 15 minutes. At 7:30 pm, just before the start of the fireworks, there is a live show with a local act.

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