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Montreal Underground City Map

Parts of Montreal's underground city are notoriously confusing to navigate. That could have something to do with the fact that there isn't much in the way of large subsurface maps.

The map I posted just above is the clearest I have come across. Just follow the orange line. Yes you can. See, even when armed with this map, one created for the underground art collective Art Souterrain, it's too easy to have moments of neglect.

You should be aware that the underground city is 3D, flowing and descending on different levels and floors indirectly with vertical overlays that cannot possibly be displayed on a 2D map. Personally, it took me about a decade to comfortably move from one extreme to the other and even today, I still have a couple of weak spots on the circuit that cause me to stumble.

Why is the Montreal Underground City so puzzling? It is a labyrinth. That's why. Zoning issues and uncooperative parties forced developers to create unintuitive underground detours and odd connections to please all of the land and building owners involved in order to avoid any legal issues. Here's a bit more on the story.

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