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Monza's "regret" that casts doubt on his future in F1

As many as 336,000 people flocked to the Monza circuit for the three days of the 2022 Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix, once again demonstrating the growing popularity of the top category around the world.

However, the infrastructure of the Italian track and the organization faced some problems at certain times to manage such a number of spectators, receiving numerous complaints about the long queues to enter the circuit and the lack of facilities.

The heads of Monza have been informed of the problems and have committed to studying them to try to improve the situation for 2023.

In a social media post on their official Twitter account, the organizers said: “The Autodromo Nazionale Monza expresses its regret for the problems of those who, among the many fans who attended the Italian GP, encountered some inconvenience.”

“The structure and all the staff went above and beyond to create an event that surpassed all previous attendance records.”

“For the Autodromo Nazionale Monza, the experience of the fans is a priority aspect, and for this reason a rigorous investigation has been initiated, together with the partners, to find out and investigate the origin of any critical problem and take the necessary measures so that those problems will not occur again in the future,” the statement concluded.

Fans flood the circuit in celebration at the end of the race

The complaints of the fans about what happened in the Italian GP take place in a context in which those responsible for Formula 1 have once again made it clear that the venue needs to improve its facilities, and that it cannot limit itself to trusting its history to maintain its slot in the calendar in the long term.

Monza is under contract to host the Italian Grand Prix until 2025 , but F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali said a step forward in infrastructure is needed, as well as eradicating some of the political issues that have sometimes hampered your celebration.

“The grand prix deserves to be on the calendar but, as I said before, history is no longer enough to secure its place on the F1 calendar,” said Domenicali.

“We hope that the improvement of the infrastructure that we have defined, both for the teams and for the public, will be carried out.”

“Obviously, COVID-19 changed the needs and priorities, but now there are defined projects that need to be carried out, and there is not much more time.”

“The works are necessary for the modernization of the venue and so that fans can experience the Grand Prix in the best possible way.”

In reference to whether there is a possibility that the race will be removed from the calendar if it is not up to par in the next rounds, Domenicali said: “I hope not. I don’t even want to think that we should take measures of this type.”

“But for the sake of a grand prix like this, which deserves to be on the calendar, we need facts and a definitive and clear plan of when the works that are already defined will begin. The promoter also knows it,” concluded the general director of the highest category.

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